Video games where you get to play the villain

The best fictional heroes couldn’t exist without their foes since we all enjoy a good bad guy. Protagonists require a challenge to overcome! Their adversary presented a significant challenge that we as players had to meet. In most video games, we take on the character of the good guy and defeat the bad guys in the name of justice. However, certain video games do manage to shake things up and give us a different perspective on events. For those of you who want to shake things up and shift your paradigm away from white hats and lawful good, and maybe get rid of some pent up rage and resentment, we’ve compiled a list of the best games where you get to play the villain, wreak havoc and generally have a wicked good time. 

  • Overlord (2007) and Overlord 2 (2009)
    Play as The Overlord, a mystery warrior who leads legions of little “Minions”. The Overlord’s objective is to destroy or conquer the land, succeeding to prominence and faces up against the “Glorious Empire,” a Roman-inspired military power. Rhianna Pratchett, the author of the tale, uses satire and black humor to critique the fantasy setting and genre. While the gameplay has never wowed critics, the game scores points for silliness and for turning the tables on a traditional dark lord storyline
  • Plague Inc.
    In Plague Inc. by Ndemic Creations, it’s not exactly apparent who or what the player is in charge of, but there is no denying that they are acting out the part of the villain. Although terribly gruesome, the goal is to develop a virus that kills as many people as possible. By infecting new nations and obliterating their populations, players can control how their virus mutates and gain upgrade points. It offers tremendous insight into how a virus spreads throughout the actual world and the kinds of circumstances that can make it difficult for humanity to find effective vaccines, something that reality has made all too plain.
  • Lucius (2012)
    This game is centered on Lucius, a 6-year-old kid and Lucifer’s son. Horror fans will immediately get sucked into the gore and action as Lucius murders members of his family while utilizing his telekinetic and mind-controlling abilities to stage fatal accidents that kill several Dante Manor inmates. To avoid leaving any evidence that could cause a mission to fail, players utilize their cunning and adhere to hints from the game to avoid getting caught. The game spawned two sequels, Lucius: The Prophecy (2015) and Lucius III (2017).
  • Hatred (2015)
    The player character and protagonist in the shooting game Hatred is a mass murderer who embarks on a “genocide crusade” against the whole human species. The game is presented in an isometric perspective. The player can operate some vehicles, carry three guns, and a variety of explosives. Glory kills, which require cinematic viewpoint flips to murder the victims, are performed on incapacitated people to restore health. Unless the player has accomplished extra sidequests that offer a limited number of respawn locations, the level resets fully if the player is killed. 

So there you have it, folks. Let us know in the comments below if there are any good ones we’ve forgotten to mention!

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