Valve lists Steam sale dates for autumn, winter, and spring

If, like me, you wait patiently for the Steam sale to arrive before purchasing anything from your wishlist, then you’re in luck. Valve has now listed its Steam sale dates for autumn, winter, and spring, and we can all prepare ahead of time.

On the topic of Valve, take a look at this clip of Portal with RTX.

Previously, we had Lunar New Year celebrations on Steam which are now being replaced with a spring sale. Without further ado, here are the dates you can expect your wishlist, and plenty other games, to be much cheaper.

The autumn sale will start on Steam on November 22, running for a week until November 29. As for the winter sale, which is perhaps my favourite for dishing out seasonal gifts to long-distance friends, will run from December 22 to January 5.

As for the all-new spring sale, this one will start on March 16 and run until March 23.

In a blog post regarding the changes to Steam’s four seasonal sales, Valve says that the spring sale is replacing the Lunar New Year sale because, “over the years we’ve received feedback that Lunar New Year was often much too close to the December holiday sale period.”

Valve also believes that some publishers will still opt to discount games around the Lunar New Year, but “we suspect customers will be better served by a little bit more time between the big Steam-wide seasonal sales.”

And that’s that! What titles are you looking forward to hopefully picking up at a discount? For me, I think it’s about time I try Cyberpunk 2077, given just how good Edgerunners was.

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