UNITE European Cup 2022 by Pump

Pokémon UNITE remains one of the best ways for Pokémon fans to engage in competitive gameplay. Despite there being PvP battling and other things in mainline games, The Pokémon Company has largely missed out on opportunities to put the game franchise into the esports space.

However, Pokémon UNITE is actually a great example as most of the game is competitive. It also features an engaging competitive scene in the form of global tournaments. UNITE European Cup 2022 is poised to kick off soon, another in a long line of competitive tournaments they’ve had. However, this is the first international event like it. It was organized by Pump, one of the top players in the world.

Pokémon UNITE

Pokémon UNITE European Cup 2022

The format will be a typical group stage. Eight teams will compete in groups of four teams. It will be a single round robin bracket, with a best of five series played between each team to determine the winners. The top two teams from each group advance to the next stage.

After that, it remains a best of five for each match, but will be single elimination. The top two teams will then face off to determine one winner.


Teams for European Cup 2022

These are the eight Pokémon UNITE  teams involved, and the rosters for each team are set and ready to go. UEC France, UEC Germany, UEC Spain and UEC United Kingdom make up the teams in Group A. Moreover, UEC Italy, UEC Portugal, UEC Sweden and UEC Switzerland are in Group B.

The prize pool remains unknown. Teams who win will undoubtedly come away with a tremendous win, though. Streams are happening as the events unfold on official Twitch platforms.

The event kicked off on September 26 and will continue on through October 2.

Caster Talent at UNITE European Cup 2022

Pump is the only commentator on the French broadcast. On the English side, there will be seven:

  • Reliq (James Kirk)
  • Sophchan (Sophia de Ipanema)
  • JJ-kun (John Joshua Perez)
  • Digital Bacon
  • doobsnax (Kirk Dubé)
  • CurlieQ

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