Transformers: Reactivate announced for consoles and PC

Splash Damage have announced Transformers: Reactivate, a new 1-4 player action game which will have a closed beta in 2023.  The game was announced with a cinematic trailer showing precisely zero Transformers, so that’s a good start.


Transformers: Reactivate is set in the future where Earth has already fallen and the Autobots are our last hope, fighting a new enemy called The Legion, “the greatest threat the Autobots have ever faced.” This explains the generic robots enemies in the trailer and not a hint of a Decepticon.

Richard Jolly, CEO of Splash Damage, says, Growing up with G1 TRANSFORMERS in the ’80s means it’ll always hold a special place in my heart, it’s both an honour and a privilege to work with such a beloved franchise. We know fans have been waiting a long time for a new TRANSFORMERS game on consoles and pc, and we’re going to give them the experience they deserve.”

Splash Damage will be developing and publishing the game, and will be helped by Bulkhead, a studio they recently purchased.

Transformers: Reactivate seems to be the title which was announced back in 2019 with Certain Affinity on development duties. Clearly a lot has changed since then. Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson recently wrote about the convoluted gestation of the game.

The supposed free-to-play third-person MMO is expected to release in 2023 and has taken inspiration from games like Destiny, it was said.

In this team-based experience, fan-favorite characters like Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, and Megatron will be making their way to the game, with transformers being placed under different category types.

Somewhat similar to Destiny’s Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans, the Transformers title will have similar roles currently under the named Tank, Damage, and Support.

It’s believed the game has seen a few changes since it was under Certain Affinity under the name “Transformers Rise”, with the codename for the project apparently now being “Fortress”, one source said.

As for the game’s plot, it’s understood that the Transformers will be fighting a new enemy (on Earth) under the name of “The Legion”. The Legion are new enemies in the Transformers universe that consist of organic and non-organic matter that can corrupt transformers that turn them into bigger and badder versions of themselves.

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