Tower of Fantasy announces new character as latest limited-time event begins

In just over a week’s time, on October 6, Tower of Fantasy is set to introduce an all-new Simulacrum.

The latest Simulacrum to be added to the roster of playable AIs, and the first introduced since the game’s global launch, Cobalt-B wields a flaming revolver and dons cute blue pigtails with sunglasses. With her character art shrouded in flames, you just know she’s here to undoubtedly cause some trouble across Aida.

You can catch a glimpse of Cobalt-B in this trailer!

Cobalt-B is a mechanical engineer on the Hykros weapon development team, and she’s said to have an instinct for creating highly effective weapons. What does she do with her projects, however? She tests them on unsuspecting Hyena members.

So, she’s a certified badass, and seems to be less of a troublemaker than her counterparts, such as Samir, but only time will tell if this is actually the case.

This isn’t all for Tower of Fantasy, either. From right now up until October 12, the Vera Orienteering limited-time event is live. This event will allow Wanderers to try and earn rewards by completing various challenges, with each challenge focusing on one of three different gameplay elements.

The new challenges can be unlocked from now up until the end of the event, and they’re the perfect opportunity for earning warp energy cells, red nuclei, and more.

What do you reckon to Cobalt-B? And will you be jumping in for the latest event ahead of the Vera update, or giving it a miss?

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