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Touhou shooter/action game Takkoman: Kouzatsu World is now on Steam

Writer Playism and developer illuCalab introduced Takkoman: Kouzatsu World is now on Steam.

Whereas Takkoman: Kouzatsu World is now on Steam, the sport was accessible through the Playism Retailer since 2012 in Japan (which they closed since).

Right here’s a earlier trailer for the Steam launch:

Right here’s a rundown on the sport:

This title is a spinoff work based mostly on the Touhou Venture, developed by the two-person dojin circle often called illuCalab. – identified for video games reminiscent of GENSOU Skydrift and A Magical Excessive College Woman.

Interweaving the vibe and worldview of the Touhou Venture sequence with the chaotic sensibilities of the old-school web, Takkoman brings its A-game in the case of loopy and classy 2D bullet hell motion.


A world of bounty and order–Gensokyo. A world of wreck and chaos–Kouzatsukyo.

An incredible calamity evoked by an unknown being, which spun these reverse worlds collectively.

Inside this destroyed world, a single woman awakens, Her title was Takorin.

Sport System

Takkoman is an epic side-scroller overflowing with motion components. Defeat the mini and essential bosses in every stage. Present them who’s the actual boss!

Take down all enemies that stand earlier than you! Gracefully sidestep waves of enemy fireplace! Strike concern into the dangerous guys with a wealthy number of assaults!

Magic gauge crammed up? Properly, it’s time to exhibit your particular assault! Enhance your rating by being the flashiest you you could be!

Actions and Assaults

Takorin is a lady able to all types of loopy actions and assaults.

Lengthy vary pictures for enemies far-off? Verify. A two-stage cost assault? Verify. A robust kick for enemies close by? Verify. Grasp greater than ten totally different expertise utilizing the directional keys!

Moreover, Takorin can dodge round enemy assaults whereas dashing! To not point out her potential to sprint as much as twice in mid-air!

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