The Sims 4’s next free update expands on customisation options with scars and birthmarks

The Sims 4 is releasing its next base game update on March 14, and there’s plenty to be excited about if you’re a Simmer. This free update will introduce an all-new life stage at long last, Infants, but Maxis has revealed that this isn’t all that’ll be included.

Catch the trailer for upcoming The Sims 4 expansion pack, Growing Together.

Previous free updates to The Sims 4 finally saw players able to choose the sexual orientation and pronouns of their Sims. We also saw incest accidentally added to the game, too, but we won’t dwell on that.

This time around, Maxis is striving to be even more inclusive by introducing further Create A Sim customisation options, including scars, birthmarks, and even caesarean scars. Revealed via a brand-new trailer, which also showcased what infants look like in Create A Sim, we can see that there are various body markings players can choose from.

The trailer shows different birthmarks on various life stages, stretch marks on teenage sims, and later, a caesarean scar on an adult sim. Maxis is yet to detail if these customisation options will be exclusive to specific life stages, but we’ve only two more weeks to go before we find out for ourselves.

The principal designer for The Sims 4, Matthew Fahey, later followed up on the new trailer with some additional details. “Yes, they’ll be in the skin details category,” and “yes, you’ll be able to apply markings and tattoos.” So, players will be able to apply birthmarks and scars to their sims alongside tattoos, which is a thoughtful addition.

While this free base game update launches on March 14, keen Simmers have more to look forward to on March 16 when the family-oriented paid expansion, Growing Together, releases.

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