The Far Cry games (from worst to best)

The Far Cry series of video games, originally published by Crytek, and later by Ubisoft Montreal, has always meant roaring action, whacky game mechanics and sandbox-style gameplay. Each release has been wildly popular and commercially successful, building on the successes and pitfalls of its predecessors, introducing new mechanics and upgrading old ones. Although it goes without saying that Far Cry is always rollicking good fun, some releases have been better than others. Let’s take a look at some of the best (and worst) additions to the Far Cry universe. 

  • Far Cry (the worst)
    The first game in the series, Far Cry, introduces us to mercenary Jack Carver and his mission to violently island-hop his way to victory. And maybe save a civilian or two. Far Cry introduces the gunplay mechanics and exotic locales that players have loved ever since, but while it touts itself as an open world gaming experience, the storylines are linear and don’t offer much freedom and creativity as there is little room for customisation or exploration. 
  • Far Cry 5
    All the best and worst aspects of Far Cry are melded together in one ridiculous yeehaw-ing package. Sure, it’s hilarious, and there’s no better place for amoral mayhem than in Montana, but the radically open-world creates some disordered mechanics. Players can quickly become radically over-powered and with the re-introduction of Far Cry 2’s NPC buddy system, the game is almost unloseable. The side quests are the highlight, offering you chances to explore a well-crafted world through a variety of activities such as stunt-driving, cow-punching and fishing, and meet some of the best characters the Far Cry world has created. 
  • Far Cry 6
    Far Cry 6 tries to tackle more serious social issues than the comical fifth installation, and makes some interesting additions to the mechanics, while fixing the over-powering problem of its predecessor by replacing the skill tree developed across games 35 with a system of perks attached to items in the inventory. However, the introduction of the Supremo attacks and a practically infinite loadout means that strategy is not important. 
  • Far Cry 2
    The second release in the Far Cry series is the most realistic of the games. In it, your character has malaria and requires regular treatment, guns jam at crucial moments, and cars rust over time and become undrivable. Like the first release Far Cry 2 does not have much going on in terms of side quests or collectibles, which means that its innovative sandbox style of play is underutilised.
  • Far Cry 4
    Far Cry 4 is one of the most challenging releases in the Far Cry series. The difficulty scales up considerably once the player unlocks the second half of the map, where enemy outposts are well-defended and firefights are frequent. However, the game quickly becomes repetitive, offering the same 4 or 5 missions over and over again. 
  • Far Cry 3
    The indisputable best game in the series has got to be the third release. While the narrative has aged quite poorly and the protagonist distinctly unlikable, the game balances the competing experiences of mayhem and stealth, and provides a hostile and challenging open world. 

So there you have it folks. That is our expert breakdown of the primary games in the Far Cry series. Join us again when we compare the supplementary games (New Dawn, Primal)

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