Survival horror, VORAX, looks to give The Forest fans a thorough single-player experience

Just last week, developer IndieGala announced its latest game, VORAX. An open-world survival horror that has taken inspiration from some of the best horror games of all time, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and The Forest, VORAX is still in development, but looks promising.

Catch the full VORAX trailer here.

As a mercenary who’s wound up on a Mediterranean island, you find that a mysterious pathogen is infecting its inhabitants. When an army battalion was sent to quarantine the place, all communication was lost, and you can only imagine what happened to the soldiers.

With nothing but a small survival kit to hand, it’s your job to gather resources, craft new tools, build a sturdy base, and protect yourself from the island’s threats.

If it all sounds eerily similar to Endnight Games’ The Forest and Sons of the Forest, that’s because it is. However, this particular mission seems host to a lot more features that would make this single-player game all the more engaging solo, because honestly, Sons of the Forest is not fun solo (right now).

Beyond crafting an array of tools, weapons, and more, you’ll be venturing across this vast, open-world island and seeing what it has to offer other than infected counterparts. There’s sewers, caves, and all sorts of ruins to scavenge through, provided players are brave enough to face the imminent danger the island possesses, too.

VORAX remains in development right now, with a release date slated for Q1 2024, but you can check it out on Steam if it takes your fancy. There’s also a free demo available via Steam right now, if you want a taste of what this Mediterranean island has to offer!

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