Super Mario Bros. Movie clip gives us our best, or worst, look at Mario yet

The new Toad himself, Keegan-Michael Key, gave us a short clip from the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie, where we got a bit more of a proper taste of Chris Pratt’s Mario.

Trailers don’t generally give us a good look at the pacing of a film, so it can be hard to figure out what it’s like, but at The Game Awards tonight we did get a brief but good look at the Super Mario Bros. Movie. The clip shows Mario arriving at the Mushroom Kingdom for the first time, all of which seems to be a bit much for the mustachioed plumber.

Weirdly enough the clip still hasn’t really given us a lengthy taste of Pratt’s Mario, even if it’s more than what we’ve heard so far. I’m still not entirely sure if he’s doing a voice or not, but maybe I’ll find out if I watch the film when it comes out in April, as revealed in the most recent trailer for the animated film.

The last trailer also gave us a look at Donkey Kong, though oddly with nary a peep from his voice actor Seth Rogen in the trailer itself, though we did get some Mario Karts, so at least we can expect some amount of fan service from the film.

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