Street Fighter 6 Release Date and ways to play the game early

Street Fighter 6 looks set to be one of the biggest fighting game releases not just of the year, but for the decade. This is a huge leap forward for the series that promises to expand the game and its competitive footprint with a huge SF 6 prize pool.

When is the Street Fighter 6 release date though?

As with most modern games, it’s more complicated than a single date. While there’s a wider release date when it unlocks in full. We also have early access through Street Fighter 6 demos that have become pretty common and widely accessible to players. This is when the game will release in full, and every opportunity you’ll have to play the game early before then.

Street Fighter 6 Release Date

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Street Fighter 6 Release Date

The release date is currently scheduled for June 2nd 2023. This is the date that it’s going on wider sale. On every platform, players can download or buy the game and start playing.

The initial game might not be launching with everything it’ll end up with. Previous titles in the series have taken some time to get the full Street Fighter character roster. Although, the fighters we’ve seen so far will all be coming at the Street Fighter 6 release date. We’ll just have to wait and see what we get for DLC after this.

Early Access Dates

Early access or an open beta is where developers allow players to try the game out over a set date. They use this feedback to polish the game before launch and to build hype through those who enjoyed the early trials. Street Fighter 6 has used quite a few of these so far. These were initially limited to just those invited. The top esports players got access, and then some people who applied directly to join the Street Fighter 6 beta.

Thanks to these beta periods, we have a good idea of how the characters stand in Street Fighter tier lists already. This is the Street Fighter 6 release date for the open beta that we’ve seen so far.

  • October 2022
  • December 2022

There aren’t any details about a third Street Fighter 6 open beta just yet. It’s possible that the earlier two are the only ones we get before the actual release. Although, keep your eyes on fighting game news because it’s still possible we get another one before the eventual release.

Other opportunities to Play Street Fighter 6 early

The Street Fighter 6 release date might not be until June, but there are other opportunities to play early. So far, Street fighter has been playable openly at a number of fighting games events. These have included general conventions like Comic Con alongside Fighting game tournaments.

If you’re planning on attending any major event then it’s worth checking out if Street Fighter will be there first. The larger tournaments have occasionally hosted booths for supervised play.

Outside of that, players are going to be waiting for the Street Fighter 6 release date before they get started with the game. There’s not long to go right now! Each week we seem to learn more about new Street Fighter 6 characters and the new mechanics that will go along with them.

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