Steets of Rage 4 gets a big update with more than 300 improvements, custom survival mode

Streets of Rage 4 has a brand new update, adding in a custom survival mode, co-op specific moves, and more than 300 improvements.

Earlier this week, Dotemu released a big new update for Streets of Rage 4, giving the game a strong looking second wind. First up is the game’s new custom survival mode, a new mode that lets players play for as long as they can survive for, with rules that they can fine tune themselves. Customisation options include things like choosing perks, the starting level, whether it’s boss levels only, enemy scaling, hazards, destroyables, weapons, and whether you can even heal or not.

Alongside this new mode is the big addition of co-operative moves. With this update you’ll be able to do specific combos using different characters with a friend. You can see some of the different new moves included in this update in the trailer for the update above, a lot of which seem to be throwing your fight mate around the place while they prepare to do a big hit.

There are also more than 300 improvements made to the game across pretty much all of the characters, with plenty of buffs and tweaks for each fighter. More broadly, you’ll now find that there’s a lot of reduced hit stop for all characters, and throws will hit other enemies close to the player with more consistency now too. You can check out the patch notes on the game’s Steam page for the full rundown of all the tweaks that have been made.

Streets of Rage 4 launched back in 2020, and generally received very favourable reviews. VG247’s own Streets of Rage 4 review gave the game full marks, saying, “Streets of Rage 4 is a funky anachronism in 2020. It shouldn’t exist and it really shouldn’t be this good. But who doesn’t want to squat over a chicken and hear a floppy bloop, before flinging a sword at a cop, kneeing a biker in the chuff and falling out of a lift. It’s a hoot.”

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