Source 2 memes run wild following reports of CSGO 2 coming soon

Following reports of CSGO 2 being both real and playable in the near future, people online have been using their imagination (and sense of humour) to imagine what the future of map, Dust 2, may look like.

This has all been popping up on Twitter, which as we all know is the hub for all of the best games industry gags. It’s clear that while competitive FPS fans are desperate for an official reveal, the memes are going to kep on flowing.

If reports a true, this would be the first game Valve has released since Half-Life: Alyx.

Esports organisation Heroic threw their own hat into the ring by throwing together the Mirage map from CS:GO and Brimstone from Valorant, a simple mashup but more than able to ease out a sensible chuckle from FPS fans.

However it is the common poster, the average person on the internet, who has won the medal for funniest shitpost when it comes to the future of CS:Go and Source 2. Raul Ribeiro on Twitter replicated a legendary competitive Counter Strike moment in Minecraft , giving us a taste of a tragic timeline where one of the most iconic looking PC FPS went down the voxel route.

They are, however, just beaten out by EV_Cartman, who posted a short video of the Dust 2 map in the GTA 5 engine. In it, we see someone AWPing down mid as you’d expect, followed up by sick BMX grinds, aerial headshots and drive-by shooting. We’re treated to falling cars wiping out bomb sites, which I must admit got a genuine laugh out of me.

While fun, all of this is, of course, an expression of hype for a game that had been on many a wish list just a week prior. Thanks to some excellent reporting, we know that an update may very well be on its way, but until we get an official peak at the future of Counter Strike, all we can do is sit back and post away.

Are you excited for Counter Strike 2? Do you think the report is on point, and we’ll see the game in the near future? Let us know below!

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