Respawn Cancels Secret ‘Titanfall Legends’ Single-Player Game

It was recently revealed that an announced project reportedly named Titanfall Legends was cancelled by Respawn and EA. This news emerged amid the revelation that both Apex Mobile and Battlefield Mobile had been shelved, closed down for good by Electronic Arts. According to information from Jeff Grubb, the cancelled Apex Legends-themed game would have boasted a single-player premise that saw the return of BT and other Titanfall characters.

Not only that but ‘Titanfall Legends’ was said to have integrations with Apex Legends. As the story progressed, the player would apparently come across Legends from Apex, and they’d imbue or offer up their powers and abilities to the protagonist. It was further rumoured that that protagonist would have been none other than Kuben Blisk, the Commissioner of the Apex Games.

Going, Going, Gone

titanfall legends

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Titanfall 2 emerged in 2016, and it provided players with what is now the only single-player exploration opportunity in the history of the franchise. When Titanfall launched in 2014 in the first place, it was a multiplayer-only game – this was eventually expanded on when Titanfall 2 launched to a massively popular reception two years later. Since then, all that has existed in the Titanfall universe is Apex Legends – one of the best battle royales around – and the now-closed Apex Legends Mobile.

Unfortunately, Titanfall Legends was canned by EA before it even managed to see the light of day. For the most part, the cancelled project remains under wraps, but several key pieces of information leaked out to flesh out what could have been – but ultimately never was.

For instance, there were references detailing the return of the parkour mechanics that made the first and second Titanfall games so popular. This includes the high-octane verticality and the wall-running features that were commonplace throughout both the single- and multiplayer modes found within Titanfall. Reportedly, the game was to boast a ‘Doom Eternal’ style of gameplay, introducing players to a no-holds-barred, intense, aggressive style of play.

Sadly, that’s all we’ll ever know about the cancelled title. It seems that, for now, Respawn is entirely dedicated to the ongoing development of Apex Legends and the esports scene that surrounds it.

Talking of Esports

There’s a bright and diverse esports ecosystem sitting behind Apex Legends, even if it’s not as popular as other, more traditional esports games. At the moment, the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) 2022 – 2023 season is underway, and right now, the ALGS 2023 Split 1 Playoffs are taking place in London, England.

There’s a $1 million prize pool up for grabs, and it’s an event that’ll be replicated in June. It’s a valuable ecosystem that boasts millions of fans, but it’s obviously far removed from the single-player adventures found in Titanfall 2 – and maybe in Titanfall Legends.

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