Play Ryze like Faker – Mid lane Ryze guide

Here is the full guide on how to play Ryze in League of Legends season 13 like the legendary T1 mid lane player Faker.

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Faker Ryze Mid lane Guide – Everything you need to know

If you play League, you probably know who Faker is and why Ryze is his main champion. For those who don’t know, Faker is the main reason why the champion has always been nerfed and rarely buffed. While his kit is not hard, the fundamentals that the champion requires to be played proficiently are immense. Learning Ryze allows you to learn things about the game that can be applied to all other champions.

Over the years, Ryze was never strong enough and was only played by a bunch of elite players. Now, with the new items, the champion got a lot more accessible for newcomers as well. To help you understand how to play Ryze, we’ve compiled the best builds and runes in our guide, taking information from the Ryze god: Faker.

Ryze Mid Build by Faker

With the return of Rod of Ages back into the game, Ryze now has a great Mythic item on his hands. Not only does it synergizes perfectly with his kit but it also ensures good scaling later into the game. Paired with Archangel’s Staff, Ryze can count on lots of mana and maximum health to hard spam his abilities in quick succession.

Remember that Ryze converts his mana into AP, so even if he doesn’t get much of it from the items, the passive will compensate for that. After these two core items, you can consider Zhonya’s Hourglass or Rabadon’s Deathcap. The first gives you more defensive stats while the second is better when you have snowballed the game. Regardless, you will be building both in most of the games.

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To round off the build, Faker usually goes for Void Staff or Frozen Heart. There are situations where Faker builds Void Staff after the core items, and that’s usually when enemies are hard-stacking magic resistance. Frozen Heart, on the other hand, is better against AD or attack-speed-based champions.

Overall, this is the usual build seen in most of his Ryze games:

  1. Rod of Ages
  2. Ionian Boots
  3. Archangel Staff
  4. Rabadon Deathcap
  5. Zhonya’s Hourglass
  6. Void Staff/Frozen Heart
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Faker’s Mid lane Runes

Faker has only one viable rune setup which has Phase Rush as the keystone rune. It allows him to get a boost of movement speed after casting three spells or attacks, and he can easily do that with his abilities and low cooldowns. By going Sorcery as the primary tree, Faker usually chooses the following minor runes:

  • Manaflow Band for additional mana;
  • Transcendence for the additional ability haste and cooldown refund on takedowns;
  • Waterwalking to roam around the map faster and better stats around objectives.

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The secondary rune tree is Inspiration, with Biscuit Delivery and Cosmic Insight as the go-to choices. The first gives him biscuits in the first few minutes when Ryze struggles in terms of mana pool, while the second gives him a lower cooldown on the summoners’ spells.

If you want to play Ryze like Faker, sticking to this guide will allow you to master the champion in the blink of an eye.

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