One Destiny 2 nerf has Titan players in tears ahead of Lightfall launch

A devastating nerf ahead of Destiny 2: Lightfall launch day has left Titan players shattered and distraught, with one of their best exotics far weaker.

With the other classes remain largely untouched exotic-wise in the hours leading up to Lightfall’s launch, this has seemingly placed Titan’s on the back foot moving through the new content. Here’s hoping some of the new exotics can fill in the void.

Check out the launch trailer for Destiny 2: Lightfall here!

The exotic in question is the Heart of Inmost Light, which had previously been a staple of PVE builds due to its hugely powerful ability to buff the power and regeneration of your whole kit. So for example, by using your grenade, the barrier you place down afterwards would be stronger.

As you can imagine, this made the Heart of Inmost Light a versatile and highly sought after piece of gear! It’s with this context that you can understand why some Titan players are so salty. According to the patch notes, the reduced duration that your abilities are empowered has been reduced from ten seconds to five, a whopping 50% decrease! In addition, the regeneration rate has been reduced across PvP and PvE too. It’s a rough blow.

This was apparently done so that it’s harder to get a stacking empowered buff in PVE content, something that would lead to devastating damage or incredible protection from incoming damage. That reasonable justification does little to stop the community from feeling bummed out however, as they’ve resorted to making memes to work through the grief.

“It’s like they nerf everything based off usage… except Ophidians because that’s all warlocks have in PvP,” writes user Fragmented_Logik on the Destiny 2 Reddit. They’re backed up by numerous other users, including TimmothysFruad whose post “Titans in shambles while Warlocks and Hunters are getting the goodies” currently sits near the top of the subreddit.

That all said, the exotic was one of the more popular, and it would be nice to see some others shine in its place. Me? I’m slapping on the Actium War Rig and Sweet Business combo once again, at least until I get something new and exciting.

Let us know below, will you be swapping in another exotic armour piece and try out something fresh in Lightfall?

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