Mythical Games find themselves in a sticky lawsuit

Mythical Games have recently sued 3 of their former high ranking staff members. Legal charges were filed due to these 3 individuals secretly raising $150 million for a new Web3 gaming business.

This new venture from the trio is known as Fenix Games. The 3 people in question are Senior Vice President Chris Ko, Chief Operating Officer and head of games Matt Nutt and co-founder Rudy Koch. Foul play within the Crypto space is fairly common, however this level of wrongdoing is eyebrow raising for sure.

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What led to this?

Back in November, the 3 left Mythical Games to start their own new venture Fenix Games. They all left one after another and then came the announcement of Fenix. Once live, Fenix went out and published that they had gained a large investment sum from Cypher Capital who reside in the United Arab Emirates.

“We believe very strongly in the protection of our intellectual property and corporate assets. In this instance, it was necessary to take these steps to rectify this situation and protect the company’s corporate interest, as is our duty to our employees and investors.” – Nate Nesbitt, Head of Communications at Mythical Games.

Mythical Games have gone on to file court cases on their ex Executive employees. Nutt, Ko and Koch have been accused of 10 counts. These counts include fraud and a breach of contract as the dodgy behaviour was acted out by them whilst they were still employed by Mythical Games.

Lawsuits also are demanding that stolen funds are returned and asks for restraints against use and also compensatory and punitive damages. Hopefully a conclusion can be met in the courtroom as this is a big headline coming from the Web3 Gaming Industry.

More on Mythical Games

Mythical Games are a Web3 gaming company that has gained notoriety over the past few months as Crypto games have picked up in popularity. They are responsible for creating Blankos Block Party and NFL Rivals, 2 extremely popular titles.

Blankos Block Party, despite being in its early phase of development has had a number of highly coveted NFT collaborations with brands like Amazon Prime Gaming and Burberry. They also release NFTs with artists, featuring their own designs.

The team behind Mythical Games have worked on high class titles enjoyed by millions around the world. These games include Call of Duty, Guitar Hero and Skylanders.

It comes as no surprise why so many play their games and investment firms such as Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) are giving Mythical Games hundreds of millions of dollars in funding to develop their current and upcoming projects.

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