MultiVersus Arya Stark Guide to Strategy, Combos, Tips and Tricks

Arya is one of the most fun assassins in MultiVersus to pick up. She has interesting moves based around getting your opponents directly in the back, cool unique mechanics, and some of the best potential for combos. Playing MultiVersus Arya Stark well can be tricky though, some of her kit is difficult to master.

Arya Stark MultiVersus Guide

Source: MultiVersus

Arya Stark MultiVersus moves and specials are pretty interesting. She’s the most assassin out of all of the assassins. One of her headline moves lets her steal the face of other characters, but she’s more than MultiVersus’ attempt at a Kirby. Her other moves provide loads of flexibility and potential. This is what you need to know about MultiVersus Arya stark, how to play the character well and the top strategies.

Arya Stark Guide

Arya stark’s Assassin gameplay is cantered around a knife, getting opponents by surprise, and generally playing a bit underhandedly. It all fits fairly well with the character’s source material too. Between her basic neutral moves and more impressive specials, you’ve got a lot to work with. These are the core MultiVersus Arya Stark tips for playing the character.

  • Dodging – Dodges force an opponent to turn so you take advantage of the stab in the back boost. Working on perfect dodges is going to help quite a bit with Arya.
  • Stealing Faces – This is a fun move that gives you access to quite a few of your opponent’s moves. Make use of this when you’re hitting a bad match-up.
  • Moves as a Stolen Face – You can use neutral attacks with a stolen face, as well as a taunt which will stun them.
  • Knife Thrower – With your knife thrown into an opponent, your side special will make you dash towards them, this is a great way of moving faster when on the attack.
  • Knife Thrower Recovery – You can use the dash from knife thrower to recover if you’ve set it up properly.

Unique Mechanics for Arya Stark in MultiVersus

Arya Stark MultiVersus Guide

Source: MultiVersus

Arya Stark has a passive with a unique function that’s really worth looking at. She deals extra damage on her melee attacks, provided that they hit from behind. Doing this will maximise damage, but it’s a bit trickier than just constantly walking behind players.

This mechanic is most useful in 2-v-2, where other players use more front-on aggressive characters like Batman’s MultiVersus moves to draw the attention of an enemy while you approach for a behind stab.

In 1-v-1, it’s harder. You’re still going to get opportunities, but it is rarer that you find yourself staring at an enemy’s back open for you.

She has other unique mechanics to look at too. There’s the pie. When Arya knocks out an opponent, she gets a pie! That can heal allies but also apply a slow debuff to enemies. Arya will get a rage boost when an ally is knocked out, so the next attack will apply weakness stacks. These two features help give you an edge. They are another part of the MultiVersus Arya Stark kit that makes her better suited for 2-v-2 though. There are still benefits in 1-v-1, but the rage mechanic isn’t as useful.

Arya Stark MultiVersus Strategy and Playstyle

As an assassin, you have speed, a smaller size, and the moves to do decent damage quickly. You’re able to move fast but don’t have the most range. Ideally, you’ll be highly mobile and get short moves in. She’s supposed to move around with a little stealth, not drawing an opponent’s attention before your moves land.

Assassins as a whole take more damage than other players. This is going to mean you need to stay out of the firing line. This isn’t like playing Iron Giant in MultiVersus, damage is not your friend here. Although, there are some perks that can help you out.

Arya Stark MultiVersus Guide

Source: MultiVersus

Face Stealer has some obvious utilities, but more interesting ones too. If you steal the face of characters with much larger hurtboxes, this can change things quite a bit. Arya’s kit isn’t the best for covering ground. Stealing the face of a wide-reaching character lets you deal damage at a further range. This can be the set-up for getting in with your own kit. Face stealer is best for evening out holes in the MultiVersus Arya Stark kit itself. You get the large sweeping attacks of other players but without the problem of a huge hitbox.

Arya’s Problems and Best Pairs

Arya Stark MultiVersus Guide

Source: MultiVersus

From a Arya Stark MultiVersus guide, you’ve likely noticed how useful the character is in 2-v-2. That’s partially because of her moves being better suited with a partner around, but also because her main problems are so easy to counteract with a second player around.

Arya is fragile. She’s an assassin which already makes her venerable to taking too much damage. If you’re looking to maximise potential in 2-v-2, the tank characters in MultiVersus do well with Arya. There is Iron Giant, Superman, Wonder woman, loads that can add a lot of potential to the character.

1-v-1 Fights with Arya

Outside of 2-v-2, Arya Stark MultiVersus strategy isn’t as complicated though. She’s a combo-focused fighter. You’ll want to chain together moves and look for combo opportunities to lock your opponents in. If you can master them, there are some aerial Arya Stark MultiVersus combos which can really punish and give few chances for players to escape.

Her bigger moves like face stealing have longer start-up animations which can be a liability in 1-v-1. You’ll need to keep this in mind when playing in MultiVersus as Arya Stark. Try not to overly rely on it unless you have the space to set this up. Same with getting behind opponents to deal extra damage without performing the dodge.

Arya Stark MultiVersus Guide

Source: MultiVersus

MultiVersus Arya Stark Combos

Arya Stark MultiVersus combos are some of the most expansive. Just like other assassins like the MultiVersus Harley Quinn combos, you have a lot of potential for stinging moves together and getting some high-level damage. These are some of the key MultiVersus Arya Stark combos.

  • Side Ground Side Special – Ground Attack Up – Jump – Air Special Up – Air Special Side – Air Attack Up (Air Combo)
  • Ground Special Side – Ground Attack Side – Ground Attack Up – Air Attack Down – Ground Attack Up – Ground special Side – Air Special Up – Air Attack Up (Ground to Air Combo)
  • Ground Special Side – Ground Attack Side – Ground Attack Up – Jump – Air Special Up – Air Special Side – Air Attack Down (Damage Combo)

Those are some starter Arya Stark MultiVersus combos. They are a bit trickier than other characters though, you might need to practise timing.

That’s how MultiVersus’ Arya Stark works, but the characters are always changing in this game. Arya’s had a few recent nerfs, like assassin extra damage being nerfed down. Remember to keep an eye on MultiVersus patch notes, things can change pretty quickly. With a character like this who is still pretty high in the balance of the game, you’ll need to watch out for it.

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