Meteor Hammer and how to counter it – The most OP Dota 2 Item in 7.32e

Dota 2’s Patch 7.32e is just going to be a balancing patch they said. It hasn’t been this chaotic in Dota 2 pubs since Necronomicon was around.

Meteor Hammer is the most bought item of patch 7.32e, which is mind-boggling considering it only received a reduction in channel time to 2 seconds instead of 2.5 seconds. Yet, every player regardless of role is buying Meteor Hammer as their first item, so surely something is going right in terms of meta.

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Meme Hammers!

Meteor Hammer is a relatively affordable item priced at only 2350 gold. For most carry players, even the offlane role, it’s reasonable to queue Meteor Hammer because it has multiple cheaper components.

Ring of Health and Void Stone offers health and mana regen respectively, so it’s already an ideal pick-up for lane sustainability. Then, it’s merely two other cheaper parts, the Crown (450 gold) and Recipe (250 gold) to complete.

As such, most players, who have Meteor Hammer in mind, can finish it before the 8-minute mark.

Goodbye, towers.

With such early timing, the Meteor Hammer can deal 435 damage on a tower building every 24 seconds cooldown. Considering a tier-1 tower’s mere health of 1800 only, that’s approximately 24% of its health gone. We see reports of some matches, where a team of 2-3 Meteor Hammer owners can coordinately destroy a tier-2 tower at 11 minutes.

Hence, the consequences of losing tier-2 towers this early meant there is lesser space for the opposing team to farm and be safe. Outposts will be forcibly taken over, as the opposing team struggles to climb out of this one-sided match.

Dota 2 Meteor Hammer Item Details / Recent Changelogs

How to counter Meteor Hammer?

At this point, the only way to counter such an abomination would be to buy Meteor Hammer yourself. The more Meteor Hammers your team has collectively purchased and how you play the objective-based gaming will decide the pace. Since it’s an item that offers decent stats at an affordable price too, even supports should be prioritizing the purchase over other essentials, such as Mekansm or Glimmer Cape.

Matching Meteor Hammer with durable heroes or stunners with at least 2-second stun. An ideal candidate is Doom offlane, which has great farming capabilities and ability to steal a Centaur creep’s 2-second stun. Buying a Meteor Hammer and Blink Dagger, and we are looking at an initiator with 3.25 seconds of AOE stun.

But really, any hero with a stun is a great setup for Meteor Hammer, so just rush it every game! After all, Meteor Hammer has always been a powerful utility item, but with its reduced cooldown, players can land their Meteor Hammers without potential interruption.

Incoming patch 7.32f

Surely the state of Dota 2 meta cannot last until the 7.33 Major Update in April 2023. It’s already ruining masses of games to the point, whereby it’s a meta-defining item.

However, it seems like the pros in Dota Pro Circuit 2023 haven’t picked up on the Meteor Hammer trend. Perhaps everyone has a common consensus to not turn the match into a Meme Hammer fiasco, else it’s surprising to see no competitive team has pulled off a 5-man Meteor Hammer draft.

Even so, games are ending within 25 minutes, so Icefrog should really be tweaking Meteor Hammer asap in a quick patch or perhaps 7.32f update.

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