LoL players are hoping Riot implements this change to the AFK system

The LoL community has come up with a new idea regarding the AFK system, hoping that Riot can seriously take it into consideration.

LoL afk system

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LoL players want to add a ‘Pardon’ vote for those who AFK in specific circumstances

The current League system heavily punishes all AFKers that are disconnected within a game for more than two minutes. As long as you are flagged as an AFKer, you will lose LP, regardless of whether the team wins the game or not.

Some LoL players are wishing to add a new voting system that can forgive those who aren’t intentionally leaving the game or going AFK. For example, if a player is forced to leave due to a power outage or major internet problems, then he has the chance to get those LPs if he comes back and helps his team to victory.

“I think it would be perfectly reasonable if we had the option to pardon him, after all, it’s only us who he affected and not the algorithm that gave him the penalty,” the post reads.

Other players seem to agree, saying that punishing them for something that’s out of their control shouldn’t be an option. This change should encourage players who leave the game for more than two minutes to come back whenever possible and try to help their team to win the game.

That said, there might be ways to exploit this, especially if duo players are involved. If the system is implemented, this would give the players on the AFKer’s team full control over their LP gains. What’s the threshold to decide whether a player gets the LP? What if players are intentionally voting against AFKers? While it’s a great idea, there are some doubts that need to be discussed.

So far, Riot Games haven’t expressed their opinion on it, so we’ll have to wait and see if the developers are going to take the idea into consideration.

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