LoL Faerie Court Event – Everything you need to know

With the Faerie Court skins dropping in the upcoming LoL patch 13.6, Riot also announced the new battle pass and loot for the event.

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LoL Faerie Court Event – Start and end time

According to data mines from Julex Gameplays, the Faerie Court event will start on Mar. 23, 2023 and last until Apr. 24, 2023, which is a total of exactly 31 days. The entire event is set to drop with the release of the new LoL Patch 13.6, which will feature the release of the new enchanter support Milio. He will also be getting a Faerie Court skin.

The event shop will remain available until May 1st, 2023. This means that you will have some more time to decide how you want to spend the farmed tokens.


Just like in previous events, players will be able to get bags, orbs, and exclusive packs that can be purchased. Below are going to be the available purchase choices:

Faerie Court 2023 Exclusive Pack

  • 3 skin shards worth 1350 RP or lower OR 4 random skin shards worth 975 RP or higher OR 4 skin permanents of any value.
  • Bonus chance at Mythic Essence

Faerie Court 2023 Grab Bag

  • 2 skin shards worth 975 RP or higher and 1 random skin shards worth 1350 RP or lower.
  • Bonus chance at Mythic Essence
  • 2 random skin shards

Faerie Court 2023 Orb

  • Open to reveal a guaranteed random Skin Shard with a chance to obtain a Faerie Court 2023 Grab Bag
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Who is getting the Prestige Skin for the LoL Faerie Court Event?

Among the seven champions receiving a Faerie Court skin, Katarina was chosen to receive a Prestige version of it. It will be available to purchase with tokens in the event shop, and it can only be obtained if you get the battle pass and farm enough tokens.

For those who are not going to pay for the battle pass, you will only be able to get a gab (which contains an orb), something common in previous League of Legends events. That said, these skins are super nice and some come with special VFX (like Ezreal), so it’s definitely worth it this time around.

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