LoL 2023 co-streamers – IWD, Caedrel, and more

If you want to watch some LoL action with your favorite streamer, here is the list of co-streamers across the major regions in 2023.

lol co-streamers 2023

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List of LoL Co-streamers in 2023

LPL – new co-streamers

Aside from the returning co-streamer IWillDominate, the LPL 2023 season is having new co-streamers that will be commentating on the games in the Chinese tournament. Italian casters and streamers Terenas and Kenrhen have been recently allowed to co-stream games: you will find them on their own Twitch channels when the LPL is on.

  • IWD – co-stream on Twitch
  • Terenas – co-stream on Twitch
  • Kenrhen – co-stream on Twitch

LCK – let League experts do their job

The Korean League can usually be watched with both Korean and English broadcasts. That being said, there are two of the greatest League experts and personalities of the esports scene: LS and Caedrel. Given their understanding and knowledge of the competitions, it’s not possible to not watch them when they are doing the co-streams.

  • Caedrel – co-stream on Twitch
  • LS  – co-stream on Twitch
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LEC – LoL teams are also co-streamers in 2023

The LEC has started a new era of co-streaming. Not only does it have the usual esports personalities, but it has also involved teams like KOI and Team Heretics in 2023. Given the huge fanbase in the Spanish region and the presence of famous people like Ibai, LEC viewership is guaranteed this year. The best thing about the LEC is that you’ll usually see lots of players and coaches involved during the broadcast, allowing you a great experience with lots of interaction.

LCS – Watch Party Program

LCS has always been at the tail-end when it comes to League viewership. Given that the LCS schedule got changed to mid-week this year, the potential numbers have also gone down. With that in mind, Riot tried to involve as many content creators as possible, welcoming a long list of new co-streamers this year with the launch of the Watch Party Program. Among the new co-streamers, you have people like Ovilee May, aphroomoo (who retired from competitive), and current free agent support Treatz.

The returning co-streamers include:

The new co-streamers are:

Overall, the 2023 LoL competitive scene is full of co-streamers to enrich your viewing experience. Not only do they provide great insights about the game, but you can also get to see some funny meme moments, and sometimes even behind-the-scenes rumors and information.

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