LEC Kickoff Preview: Legacy or Dynasty

The new League season is here, and fans will have the LEC Season Kickoff to get ready for the start of the new year! Who is your money on? Let’s break the teams down.

Lec kickoff

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LEC Kickoff Match Breakdown

The LEC Kickoff will feature a Bo3 series with the fearless draft mode, where previously picked champions become unavailable in the following matches. That said, there will be no bans, giving players more creativity with their drafts. For the LEC, there will be also the rule that every player needs to swap his role after a victory.

The two teams featured are having a mix of veteran players with some of the new entries to the European League. Team Legacy will have the two rookie junglers Sheo and Yike alongside Perkz, Odoamne and Hylissang, while Team Dynasty will have top laner Evi, jungler 113 and ADC Exakick, with Trymbi and Rekkles leading their team.

Lec kickoff teams

Image Credits | Riot Games

With so many rules implemented, the LEC Kickoff match is set to become a really exciting series to watch. Having players off roles will allow us to witness interesting picks and off-meta champions, with the possibility of seeing former teammates Hylissang and Rekkles go at it in the same lane.

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The lane swaps and the unconventional picks will force players to rely on their pure mechanics more than anything else. For this reason, we expect Team Legacy to have an edge, considering how Hylissang and Perkz, as well as the rookies, are great when it comes to micro-mechanics.

Players from the winning team will also have the opportunity to design their own custom emote alongside the Game Design team, which will be available for purchase in the League client in the future.

The LEC Kickoff event will begin with an exclusive livestream on the LEC’s TikTok, starting at 4PM CET on Jan. 11. The LEC Kickoff event will begin one hour later at 5PM CET at LoL Esports. If you can’t watch the series, you can relive the action with the rebroadcast.

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