League Patch 13.1b – Riot delivers most but not all tentative changes

Despite the recent social attack, Riot Games delivered the new League patch 13.1b to the live servers, with most, but not all changes. Let’s see which ones made it through.

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League Patch 13.1b is rolling out and will be followed by micrpatches

The update will be available on Jan. 25, according to Riot’s patch schedule. That said, some of the changes that were announced in patch 13.2 preview will be delayed and broken down into three hotfix micro patches which will be added in the following days. The long-awaited Ahri’s ASU, however, will be pushed back to Patch 13.3, which means it’s coming in early February.

On the other hand, however, there are still going to be major meta-shifting changes, with all the fighter items and ADCs buffs coming in the patch. If you want to see the exact numbers, you can check them out in our patch 13.2 preview. We will be mentioning the major takeaways in this mega patch that will for sure shift things up.

ADCs will get stronger earlier on

Aside from the mana buffs done to many ADCs, the main buffs for this class of champions come from the required crit chance for Infinity Edge and Navori Quickblade. This will ensure a faster mid-game spike and higher chances of taking over games from that point onward. Aside from that, they will also be harder to take down since now most ADCs will likely run Overheal or Triumph instead of Presence of Mind thanks to the additional mana buffs.

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Fighters will have to choose between ability haste or durability for second-item choices

The recently announced fighter item changes will heavily shift the power spike of this class of champions going forward. Omnivamp has been removed and the defensive items will no longer grant ability haste. Instead, this stat has been moved over to the mythic items or third items options like Ravenous Hydra. This will make fighters easier to kill in the mid-game and not allow them to be as strong.

More Grevious Wounds

Grevious Wounds will now apply a 40% healing reduction at all times, without any needed condition or special effect. This, paired with the lower healing in the game, should heavily nerf champions that sustain a lot over time. We might see the return of more burst-oriented over sustain-based champions, but it will highly depend on which champions will be stronger, given that many from the previous meta are getting nerfed.

Lillia and Orianna buffs

Kassadin, Ryze, Maokai, and many others have been hit after they dominated across all elos in the first patch of the season. Aside from these nerfs, however, there are significant buffs to Lillia and Orianna. Both of them have gotten a lot more damage which might push them back into the meta. In particular, Lillia is the one to look out for the most: with many junglers getting hit directly or indirectly, she might rise as a new pick.

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