League of Legends Clash Schedule 2023

When is Clash coming back to League of Legends in 2023? Here’s everything we know about the 5vs5 game mode in 2023.

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League of Legends Clash in 2023

The League of Legends 2023 season is well underway and we had little info about the game mode so far. That said, Riot Games’ community manager Lilu “Riot Riru” Cabreros gave us some insights on Feb. 2 when answering a Redditor on the League of Legends subreddit.

The Reddit thread was questioning “what happened to Clash”, mentioning that it’s been months since players had the chance to play the latest Clash. While Riot did create an ARAM clash towards the end of the season, players are hoping to see Clash back on Summoners’ Rift.

Last month, Riot Games suffered a social engineering attack that compromised the company’s ability to publish its latest content and updates. According to Riot Riru, they are trying to understand whether the attack had consequences for Clash as well, which is why they didn’t talk about it until now.

“We have an official update coming in the patch notes in a few days which is typically the best way to share news like this with players everywhere. All of that said, I literally just got word that we might be able to hit the first weekend of March, but honestly, that’s not even 100% so please don’t hold this information against us.” is what the Rioter said. She added that the actual dates will be revealed as soon as the team is confident.

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What is Clash in League?

LoL Clash is a monthly in-game tournament organized by Riot Games where you can get the experience of playing in a competitive environment with your friends or teammates. By forming teams of five and having similar skill levels clash against each other, normal players can play and feel the adrenaline of playing in teams and compete for victory.

Image Credits | Riot Games

Matches are always held on weekends and players are rewarded with determined prizes based on their final position in the brackets. For example, a tournament winner would get a guaranteed orb containing a skin shard and a “champie” icon.

Despite the long wait for Clash this year, Riot Games did tell us a period to look forward to in early March 2023. Unless something unexpected happens, players should get ready to play the 5v5 game mode in the upcoming month.

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