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If you follow Fortnite news you’ll likely see all of the patch notes. Although, how do you find out about what’s coming up in Fortnite? Fortnite leaks give us a little look at what’s coming in the game’s future updates, seasons, and even future Chapters.

Fortnite leaks pop up all the time. There’s Epic holding surveys to trial new content to dataminers who find the upcoming content in the files of the game itself. If you keep up with the latest Fortnite leaks, you’ll always have a good idea of what’s coming next for the Battle Royale.


Latest Fortnite Leaks

Augment Fortnite Leaks

Fortnite Augments are some of the more popular new features added in Chapter 4. The current batch is a decent amount of choice, but there are quite a few more that are upcoming. Thanks to dataminers we know about quite a few of the upcoming Fortnite augment leaks including the return of features like the Siphon.

  • Midas Touch – Gives 40 AR Ammo and gold on each elim
  • Peely’s Plunder – Gives a treasure Map
  • Skill Check – Gives you 50 HP and 25 shield for each elim with a common or uncommon weapon
  • Siphon Shotgun – Get health or shield when damaging players with a shotgun.
  • Hunter Gather – This spawns a bush, apples, and mushrooms after an elim. Rotates between spicy, low gravity, and energy effect.
  • Deft hands – Reloads a weapon automatically
  • Danger Hero – Run and heal fast for 8 seconds after getting your shield broken
  • Icy Slide – Icy Feet effect is applied for 7 seconds
  • RiftJector Seat – An auto-rift after your shield breaks
  • Shadow Strike – This gives you a shadow bomb

These should be fun additions when they come to the game. Some of them seem particularly unbalanced though, especially the RiftJector Seat!

Movement Mechanic Leaks

Recently, Fortnite has taken to adding extra movement mechanics at a much quicker pace! Chapter 2 gave us swimming, Chapter 3 gave us sprinting and sliding, then slide kicks, and most recently Chapter 4 has added hurdling. We’ve got a few more new ways to get around the map coming though, at least according to the latest Fortnite leaks.

It looks like Wall Running, Jump Slides, and a Double Jump will be hitting the game. Some of these may be connected to Fortnite Augments rather than joining the general move pool of the game though. These are some of the more exciting Fortnite leaks, as movement mechanics stick around for all Fortnite seasons, not just a few weeks.

Fortnite X Kid Laroi Leaks

A Fortntie X Kid Laroi crossover has previously been rumoured for an in-game tournament, but there’s more coming here. The latest Fortnite leaks gave shown that we can expect some exclusive cosmetics in the Fortnite Icon Series! These are the Kid Laroi Fortnite leaked skins.

  • 2 Skins
  • 1 Backbling
  • 1 Pickaxe and Wrap
  • 3 Emotes

These are all under the codename SunBurst. Although, that seems to be the name for the in-game concert that’s going to go ahead not the skin itself.

Dead Space Collab

Fortnite’s pop culture crossovers are some of the biggest events in-game. We’ve got a good idea of which franchise Fortnite will be mashed up with next. It looks set to be Dead Space. A Fortnite X Dead Space collab is one of the recent Fortnite leaks. It looks like it’s going to be coming during Season 4, joining Doom, Witcher, and My Hero Academia as other pop culture events pulled in.

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