Junker Queen cosplayer slays look for Overwatch 2’s newest hero

Cosplayer Kayla Erin recently unveiled her awesome take on Overwatch 2’s newest Tank hero, Junker Queen – who has become the fandom’s newest infatuation.

Blizzard Entertainment recently held a Release Reveal live event for Overwatch 2 that unveiled a myriad of new information — including the new Tank hero, Junker Queen.

Though Junker Queen has been hinted at for years, fans were still very happy to finally see the newest hero make her debut in Overwatch 2.

Cosplayer Kayla Erin is one of them, and celebrated her excitement for Junker Queen’s arrival with an incredible cosplay of the scrappy ruler of Junkertown.

Overwatch 2 Junker Queen cosplay goes viral

Overwatch 2 Junker Queen character

Junker Queen’s flash debut wowed fans during Blizzard’s recent Overwatch 2 Release Reveal live event.

Erin posted her cosplay to Twitter which quickly amassed over 3,500 likes in less than a day’s time.

Though the photo is only from the waist up, the attention to detail is quite impressive considering Blizzard revealed Junker Queen a little more than a week ago.

Erin’s take on the Tank hero features a striking blue wig that matches Junker Queen’s vibrant, punk-rock mohawk to a tee.

She even mirrored Junker Queen’s various facial piercings, including the four spiked protruding out above her eyebrows and her lip ring.

All in all, Erin’s cosplay is spot-on, matching the wild, rebellious energy that Junker Queen exudes in her cinematic and backstory.

Thanks to Junker Queen’s cinematic we know she earned her spot as the ruler of Junkertown by taking down the ruling King in the town’s arena (AKA the third in-game checkpoint).

Those interested in more cosplays from Kayla Erin can check out her chilling Resident Evil 8 cosplay, while those interested in more Overwatch cosplays take a look at this bewitching Witch Mercy cosplay or this fearsome take on Overwatch’s D.Va.

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