Jessica Nigri turns up the heat with Professor Sada Pokémon Scarlet cosplay

. Last updated: Jul 01, 2022

Popular cosplay artist Jessica Nigri has gone viral once again following the debut of her incredible cosplay of Professor Sada from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokemon fans are waiting in anticipation for more information surrounding Pokemon’s next mainline entries: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Ever since the second trailer for Scarlet and Violet dropped on June 1, fans poured over the information surrounding the newly revealed characters like Professors Sada and Turo.

Now, famous cosplayer Jessica Nigri is showing her own excitement for Generation 9 with a stunning cosplay of Pokemon Scarlet’s Professor Sada.

Jessica Nigri cosplays Pokemon’s Professor Sada

pokemon scarlet and violet professor sada introduction

Game Freak / The Pokemon Company

Professor Sada will guide players through their Pokemon journey in Generation 9 if they’ve purchased Pokemon Scarlet.

Nigri posted the cosplay to Twitter on June 29, with the caption “Professor Sada from Pokémon Scarlet! Which do you prefer? Which game will you get?!”

She posted two photos of her Professor Sada cosplay: one in a more risque Professor Sada-themed swimsuit and the other in a more traditional cosplay outfit.

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The attention to detail in Nigri’s Professor Sada cosplay is impressive, as she’s matched the wild professor’s necklace, belt, and earrings perfectly. Additionally, she nailed the frayed edges of Professor Sada’s orange top and shorts as well as the fur trim attached to the neck of her lab coat.

Those interested in how Nigri crafted her accessories can also check out the video she posted, showing how she molded and sculpted each piece by hand.

Professor Sada and Professor Turo definitely seem like Professors Pokemon fans have never really seen before, and not just because they’re the first version-exclusive professors in the series.

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Professor Turo’s design seems to represent the future while Professor Sada’s design seems to reflect the past, with a more tribalistic and wild theme as showcased in Nigri’s cosplay.

Readers interested in seeing more Pokemon cosplays from Nigri can check out her two Sword and Shield cosplays of both Sirfetch’d and Grookey. Additionally, those wanting to check out another take on Professor Sada can check out Kittybitcosplay’s version here.

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