How to Play MultiVersus Beta on Every Platform

MultiVersus has shot to the top of the charts since its release, breaking records for a fighting game. How to play MultiVersus is simple. This is a free-to-play game though. You don’t need to find a disc if you want to load it up, it’s all digital. You’ll need to download the full game and get early access to the MultiVersus beta

There are quite a few different methods for playing MultiVersus. You can go through different platforms and the game plays at roughly the same quality on all of them. This is how to play MultiVersus beta in early access.

How to Play MultiVersus on PC

How to play Multiversus - Steam

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On PC, MultiVersus is really simple to get started with. It’s available through Steam and the Epic Games Store, players can download the title and jump on in with the fighter. This is how you can get access and learn how to play MultiVersus on this platform.

  • Open Steam of the Epic Games Store
  • Search for MultiVersus
  • Download the game

How to Play MultiVersus on Console

Best PS4 Fighting Games - MultiVersus

If you’re wondering what you can play MultiVersus on, there are quite a few platforms that are available. Although, it isn’t on every single console it is one of the top fighting games for PS4 and Xbox. It’s still entirely free on consoles too! If you want to get involved on console, this is how you can access it.

  • Search for MultiVersus on the Shop
  • Click “Download”
  • Open the Game Once installed

What Can You Play MultiVersus on?

MultiVersus is a cross-party game which is available to pretty much everyone! Although, there are a few platforms where it isn’t possible to download the game. These are the platforms that you can play MultiVersus on.

MultiVersus on Switch is a bit more complicated; it isn’t available on the platform yet. On Mac it isn’t available either. However, on every other platform how to play MultiVersus is pretty simple. It might eventually come to these other platforms too.

How to Play Different Modes

Once you’ve loaded in, it might not be the clearest how you can access everything. MultiVersus has a wide roster but not everyone is unlocked from the start and some game modes aren’t labelled so obviously.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll have to get through an early tutorial. After this, you can access the online game mode. Selecting play offline lets you play against bots or others locally. Online has 1-v-1, 2-v-2, and chaotic game modes. You can’t do 2-v-2 with your team both on one device just yet though. That’s disappointingly not currently a feature. However, that might be coming in upcoming MultiVersus updates.

That’s how to play the MultiVersus Beta. The game is still in early access, so some game modes and platforms are still missing. Most can jump in and get involved with this fun new fighter right now though.

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