How to play Milio in LoL

If you’re looking for the best Milio guide, here’s everything you need to know in order to master the newest LoL champion.

milio champion guide

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Milio Support Champion Guide

Milio Runes & Summoners’ Spells

Given Milio’s nature as an enchanter champion, the best keystone rune for him is currently Guardian. It gives an extra shield to protect the allies during trades and teamfights.

Since he goes for the Resolve tree, the best minor runes for Milio are Shield Bash, Bone Plating, and Overgrowth. Shield Bash is great since it synergizes perfectly with Milio’s passive. Bone Plating is mainly chosen for the early laning phase to win trades. Overgrowth, instead, makes Milio slightly tankier. Considering he’s quite squishy, it’s a good way to make him harder to kill.

For the secondary tree, instead, opt for Magical Footwear and Biscuit Delivery. The free boots are almost standard across all supports, while Biscuits are used to restore some extra health and mana in the first minutes of the game. If you’re confident you won’t need them, you can go for Cosmic Insight instead.

milio runes

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When it comes to Summoners’ spells, the standard choices are going to be Flash and Exhaust. You can consider switching the latter for Ignite if you’re planning to play aggressively during the laning phase.

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Milio Item Build Guide

While it probably requires some perfecting once the champion hits the live servers, below should be Milio’s best build. It has Shurelya’s Battlesong as the main Mythic Item, followed by Ionian boots and Chemtech Putrifier.

If the enemies don’t have much sustain, you can consider skipping the item and rushing Ardent Censer second. It will be a great boost of damage for your allies once you shield them, and Milio can proc it several times over the course of teamfights.

Round off the build with Mikael’s Blessing and Redemption for some tankiness and more utility effects. Even though Milio can cleanse allies within his ultimate, the cooldown is very high. Having Mikael’s Blessing is extra insurance to counter enemies’ crowd controls.

Milio item build

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Milio Ability Order

Milio’s skill order should be R>Q>E>W. His Ultra Mega Fire Kick (Q) is his main source of damage and crowd control from his kit, so max it first. After that, you should be maxing E second for the lower cooldown of shield charges.

That being said, there are going to be certain scenarios where maxing W second is more worth it, especially if you have a fed ADC or multiple ranged champions. With the extra range gained from maxing the ability, your allies will be able to siege and deal damage from a greater distance.

Milio has one of the easiest kits we have seen in the recent era of League of Legends. Having said that, his kit seems quite strong, especially his W, which has the potential to become a game-breaking ability. Regardless of whether he will be overpowered or not, you will have fun playing the champion if you’re following this Milio champion guide.

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