How to play Elise Jungle to carry your team

Looking to learn how to play Elise in the jungle and win games to climb solo queue? This is our full extensive guide on how to become an Elise main.

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Elise Jungle – Build and Runes

Elise has been rising up in popularity as one of the strongest AP champions. Her kit and early-game presence allow her to be a constant menace for the enemy laners, as she excels at both ganking and diving. That said, bringing out her maximum potential requires a good understanding of her build, runes, and power spikes.

First up, Elise wants to go for Press the Attack as the keystone rune and domination as the secondary tree. This combination grants insane snowballing which is essential to winning games with Elise. Below you can find all the minor runes needed:

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Since Elise wants to get an early advantage and push her lead as much as possible, her build is going to revolve around having the strongest first and second-item spike.

Therefore, the best core Mythic item for her is going to be Night Harvester, followed by Shadowflame. Paired with the Sorcerer’s Shoes, you will be able to one-shot most squishy targets with one combo thanks to the extra magic penetration. After that, you can opt for Zhonya’s Hourglass or Rabadon’s Deathcap, depending on whether you want more damage or defensive stats. Other viable options are Void Staff, for even more magic penetration, and Banshee’s Veil, for the magic resistances and the spell shield.

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Elise Gameplan

We’ve mentioned how Elise is a strong early to mid-game jungle champion that falls off very quickly in the later stages. In other words, you will have a limited amount of time when you’re going to be one of, if not, the best champion on the map. After levels 13-14 or the 25-minute mark, you will notice a drop in your value since your combos are going to be slower compared to other champions.

As a result, your game plan will be to gank as much as possible and take the resources to rush the core items. Once you reach level three after killing the jungle camps, you can look to gank any lane that is overextended or at low health. Your combo will be to use your E>W>Q in human form and then use W>Q in spider form. If you’re diving a lane, use your E to dodge the incoming turret shots. Your Q deals is an execute spell, meaning that it deals more damage the lower health the target is.

You can give up part of your jungle camps to put more pressure on the map. As long as you get kills and experience, you will not be behind. If possible, try to play for lanes that scale better: in case you are not able to close out the game, they will become the carries later on.

Once you get the Night Harvester, take advantage of its passive to quickly burst down the enemies. Remember that Elise isn’t that great in teamfights: use the stun and your Rappel to reposition yourself wisely. If you’re able to get the lead and capture most of the objectives, you are likely going to see that victory screen at the end of the game.

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