How to make money with Web3 in 2023?

It was hard to escape the Crypto hype that flooded the Mainstream Media during the pandemic years of 2020 and 2021. Normal everyday people were going all in with their investments because let’s be honest what else was there to do during the lockdown?

Fast forward to 2023 and the media doesn’t seem to be focusing too much on Crypto, Web3 whatever you want to categorise it as. Some of you reading this may still be intrigued by Crypto related topics but are still sitting there scratching your head. This is completely understandable.

We will give you a quick and concise rundown on how you can make some extra money through Web3 and the different features of it available. We strongly advise if this is one of the first articles you have read about these topics to do further research. You can find more resources via our site and also on the worldwide web.

So grab a pen and paper and get ready to learn more about how you can make money with Web3 in 2023.


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The first way an everyday joe can make some money with Web3 is investing and/or trading Cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are digital assets built on the premise they are on the blockchain and are decentralized.

You will have heard of Bitcoin by now and maybe even Ethereum. There are a whole host of Cryptocurrencies to choose from, many with different uses and properties. Visiting sites like Coin Market Cap will give you a lot of assistance as this site offers you background info on the specific token.

When purchasing and investing in Cryptocurrencies be sure to do so on Binance review and Coinbase, the world’s leading exchanges. If you go ahead and have a lot of Crypto we further recommend purchasing a hardware wallet like a Ledger. This gives more security over your assets.


NFT stands for Non Fungible Token and are another digital asset that can be bought and sold via the blockchain. The main 2 blockchains that have NFTs are Solana and Ethereum. Both of which have designated marketplaces you can purchase them on, Magic Eden and

Mainly NFTs are available in .jpeg, video or real estate. They can be used both in and outside of Crypto Games which we will cover more below. The most popular NFTs you will have seen are those really expensive profile pictures celebrities were buying.

Since the initial boom, NFT collections have been released with more utility than just being a snazzy profile picture for Twitter. For holding the Cristiano Ronaldo NFT you get access to perks such as Ronaldo merchandise and the chance to meet him.


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Blockchain gaming has really grown in 2022 and going into 2023 it has never been easier to play Crypto games. Web2 gaming platforms such as the Epic Games Store have started to list Web3 related games for players to try out.

These titles are generally known as “Play-To-Earn” and are literally what they say on the tin. As time has progressed these titles have developed dramatically with gameplay and functionality becoming more fun and exciting.

We recommend checking out Blankos Block Party and review if you have never played a Play-To-Earn title before. Both of these games are easily accessible and are a great entry point for anyone looking to make money through Web3 this year.

Blogging/Content Creation

If you are more of a creative individual you can also make use of Web3 and earn some money. There are many websites writers can post their work to as guest posts or as freelancers.

If you are going to create content on Web3 like blogs, TikTok videos etc. it is advised to have a good understanding of the concepts before doing so. Content must provide factual knowledge otherwise you may get a bad reputation and low engagement.

Messaging organizations directly is another great way to have your work published/noticed. LinkedIn and Twitter have proven useful platforms to do so. Be sure to also check out Medium, the article publishing social media site.

We hope you found this article informative and the information featured can direct you in the right direction!

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