How To Check VALORANT Server Status

Riot Games’ VALORANT has been a raging success since its release in 2020. The FPS shooter is one of the most popular free-to-play multiplayer shooters. Of course, other issues like bugs and server issues might arise when a game is popular. Here’s how readers can check VALORANT’s server status.

1. Check The Status Server Page

VALORANT seemed to have been aware from the beginning that the game might encounter server issues, which is why they have a VALORANT official server status page. The page will let readers know if there are any logging issues or matchmaking issues.  Readers will have to select the right region, of course, to get information about the status of their server.


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2. Check VALORANT’s Twitter Page

VALORANT’s Twitter page is quite active and has made users aware of server issues in the past. The Twitter page usually cites experience issues, planned maintenance, or that the server downtime is coming soon. If it’s a server issue, it’ll be affecting even the best VALORANT players.

Readers can also tag VALORANT and highlight the problem. This isn’t always helpful, but if many people are facing similar issues, they might like the tweet, which could get VALORANT’s attention. There’s a chance that those working behind the scenes aren’t aware of the situation and might get to work on a solution after this.

3. It Could Be An Update Issue

Games like VALORANT need to be updated regularly. Sometimes, the big updates can lead to server issues. This isn’t as common with smaller updates. In these instances, it’s best just to have a little patience and wait it out. If things aren’t getting solved even after waiting it out, it might be time to use the above mentioned steps.

4. Check Out VALORANT’s Support Page

If none of these steps work, click on VALORANT’s support page. The support page has an FAQ section that provides solutions to most issues a user might encounter. This section also has the option of submitting a ticket. A member of Riot’s support team will contact you. You can then have a chat and explain the server issues in detail.

5. Check VALORANT Communities For Solutions

VALORANT’s got a really large online community that discusses all manner of things about the game on sites like Reddit, Twitter, and other lesser-known forums. There’s a good chance that someone else has already posed the question and might have faced a similar issue in the past. These posts are often helpful because they clarify that the reader isn’t the only one to have faced the problem and also offer solutions.

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