Halo Infinite players have made more than one million Forge levels

Despite still being in beta, the Halo Infinite Forge has just passed one million creations, an impressive feat for a game that’s had a rough time.

We all know that Halo Infinite hasn’t been exactly what everyone hoped it would be, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a pretty active community there. According to Michael Schorr, lead designer on the Forge mode, the beta is doing very well in fact, as it has apparently passed one million creations total (via Xbox Wire).

“We followed up the release of the Forge Beta with the addition of the Custom Game Browser in December, allowing players to host and connect to custom matches, including Forge creations,” wrote Schorr. “As of January 2, more than 8.5 million custom matches had been played since Custom Game Browser launched.” The one million creations stat was also from January 2, and considering Forge only launched in November last year, that’s not a bad set of figures at all.

Forge is a mode that pretty much every player has wanted since it launched, as the creative side wanted the chance to build their own unique maps, while the rest just wanted to experience a broader range of maps and modes.

Of course, there’s also those of you that are after new content that’s made by 343 Industries itself, and there’s good news if you fall into that category: Season 3 is dropping next week. Set to arrive March 7 (after a delay of a few months), Halo Infinite’s third season is looking pretty meaty. There’s three new maps on the way, with Arena getting two, Cliffhanger and Chasm, and Big Team Battle is getting Oasis, a nice big desert-themed map for 8v8 firefights. You can also expect a new weapon, and more Forge levels are being added into the Community Collection playlist.

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