G2 vs VIT: Which is the best team in the league?

G2 Esports and Team Vitality (VIT) are currently the only two teams with no losses in the LEC. Which team will claim the lead of the league now that they will clash in week 2? Let’s break down the two teams.

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G2 vs VIT – Battle between giants

VIT and G2 were the most convincing teams in week 1 of the LEC. That said, their victories were quite different and showcased different strengths for the two lineups. On one hand, you have G2 who have shown incredible early game domination and a great draft understanding to prevail over the opponents. On the other hand, Vitality was messier in the early game but proved to have strong late-game macro and execution. For the upcoming series against these two teams, there are some focal points that must be covered that will be key to both teams’ chances of victory.

Can Vitality resist G2’s early game?

Vitality and G2 have shown a similar playstyle and their tendency to play for their respective mid laners, Both junglers make sure they can get their laners ahead and have the two of them snowball and take over the game: expect a lot of action in the mid lane.

With this in mind, though, the key will pass on to the bot lane, in particular the support players. Whoever can roam better and be ready to cover for ganks or actions, will end up getting the ultimate lead. Vitality struggled slightly in almost every game, which can be problematic when facing a strong bot lane like Hans Sama and Mikyx: they will need to fix that as soon as possible.

G2 has also shown much cleaner early games while Vitality has had some weird moments- Having said that, if VIT is able to hold the early-mid game, then they might be able to turn it around in the later stages. Resisting G2’s aggression is going to determine VIT’s winning chances. We are aware that G2 has been stomping scrims but against VIT it might be a different story: the odds are quite even, although G2 should have a slight higher chance of winning. It’s very slim, but there is. We’ll have to see whether VIT can find something to bridge that small difference.

With such anticipation of the possible battles between Yike and Bo, as well as Caps and Perkz, this is set to become the highlight of the winter regular split.

Prediction: G2 51% | Vitality 49%

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