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Fortnite has near-constant updates hitting the game. Chapter 4 has had quite a few bugs, but the recent updates have got everything working again. That’s along with some of the most interesting new items ever added to the loot pool. The Fortnite update patch notes let you know everything that’s changed in the game.

Anyone wondering is Fortnite dying likely doesn’t see the near-constant stream of new content the game gets. If you want to keep performing as well as possible, you’ll need to keep track of everything in the Fortnite Update V23.20 Patch notes, like the Falcon Scout and new Reality Augments.

This is everything that’s new in the Fortnite patch notes this week.


Fortnite Update Patch Notes

The first update back off Christmas break for Epic has brought a lot of new content into the game, although it’s also brought back most of the Chapter 4 content that got removed or disabled over the break. These are all of the major changes in the Fortnite update patch notes.

Kid LAROI joining Fortnite

Kid LAROI is going to be the next addition to the Fortntie Icon Series. His skin is hitting the game. That’s alongside music from the artists being in Fortnite, and a specially made creative experience designed around that music. Players can have a shot at winning one of the skins for free by taking part in an in-game tournament, the Kid LAROI Cup.

Falcon Scout

The Falcon Scout is a new item added in with the Fortnite update V23.20 patch notes. This is a brand-new recon scanner. You can send it out, which switches your view to controlling a flying robotic Falcon.

This Falcon can pick up loot containers and then drop the loot close to you. It can also caw, this will scan and mark enemies that are in the area. You can scan the area and get great intel on what’s coming. The Falcon Scout provides some of the best recon information you’ll find in the game, it has some drawbacks though.

The biggest is that you’re not in control of your character while you’re using the Falcon. You’re exposed, players can easily come up on you for an easy kill. The other drawback is the Falcon has health itself and can be shot down by opposing players. It’s got a decent balance, but they can be invaluable.

Reality Augment Updates

The other big feature for the Fortnite patch notes this time is more Reality Augments! These have shown up in some recent Fortnite leaks, but we’ve got a new batch enabled in game. These are the new Reality Augments:

  • Peely’s Plunder – You get a treasure map.
  • Shotgun Striker – Get a siphon when you hit an opponent
  • Rarity Check – Siphon effect on common and uncommon weapon eliminations
  • Zero Chance – Get the zero-point effect when you break an enemy’s shield
  • Danger Hero – Get a health and movement speed boost when your shield breaks.

Other Changes in the Fortnite Update V23.20 Patch Notes

Those are all of the major new additions. However, there’s a lot more in the Fortnite update V23.20 Patch Notes. These are all of the changes

  • NPC Characters – Hired characters can now travel in vehicles
  • Competitive Playlist – Rarity Check Augment removed from competitive.
  • Bug Fixes – The bug that prevents sprinting is gone, Mantling is back, reality augments are fully working again, and pickaxe inconsistency is gone.
  • Deku’s Smash – This is back in the game!

Everything being re-enabled in these Fortnite update patch notes is a great relief after the last few weeks. Items like Deku’s Smash are back in both Battle Royale and Zero Build, the mode where Fortnite removed building.

Those are all of the major changes for the Fortnite update V23.20 patch notes! There’s plenty more coming this season though, so keep an eye on Fortnite news for when we get more patches and fresh content in the game.

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