Fortnite esports evolves with Majors and new Global Championship

Fortnite esports gets a major revamp in 2023, as Epic aims at reorganizing Fortnite Competitive this year.

There’s a new structure built out around regular Fortnite Majors and a new invitational. What’s more, Epic is promising a $10 million prize pool for the new Fortnite Champion Series. This will be replacing the FNCS and bringing a much-needed spark of excitement back to competitive Fortnite.

Fortnite Esports

Fortnite Champion Series

For the last few years since the World Cup, Fortnite esports has been running under a model which saw an FNCS or Fortnite Champion Series held every season. The end of the year had an Invitational LAN taking place instead of an FNCS. That was about it for high-level events though.

This is changing this year, with Epic promising a brand-new structure of Fortnite Majors. The FNCS is sticking around, but it’s been changed. It’ll no longer just be seasonal unconnected tournaments. Instead, Fortnite competitive this season is going to be one long competition leading to a grand final at the end of the year.

The FNCS tournaments are being replaced with Fortnite Champion Series Majors. They will have a similar format. However, playing them is through going to be a pre-requisite for players to get involved with a new LAN, the Fortnite Global Championship.

Every Major will matter under this new structure and we get a real sense of progression through the year as teams earn their place at the new tournament.

New Fortnite Majors

The new system for Fortnite Majors will see a FNCS Major held three times, likely in the normal slots towards the end of a Season. Each of them will decide qualification for the Fortnite Global Championship. The top teams will earn their slot.

Over all three Majors, we’ll see 80 of the teams qualify for the LAN. This will be followed by the Last Chance Major which will let another few teams squeak in under the wire. Each of the Fortnite Majors is taking place over 5 weeks with just 3 days set aside for the Last Chance Qualifier. The FNCS Majors will take over the Elite Division Cups for the five weeks that they’re running.

Each Major is going to have a prize pool of $2 million. There’s still a pretty big reason for players to compete even after earning their slot. The majors being organized like this is a bit of a departure. It’s changing things up from the standard FNCS format and giving a more all-in approach, with each tournament being leaked and each serving as build-up for the LAN.

Fortnite Global Championship

All of the events this year are going to be building towards a brand-new LAN, the Fortnite Global Championship. This is going to be an in-person LAN tournament. It’ll be a new event with the best Fortnite players from every region competing together.

The event will have a new format too, with an upper and lower bracket rather than just a single lobby of players. There’s a $4,000,000 prize pool at stake here too, so a lot to win.

The Fortnite Global Championship is the biggest event in Fortnite that has happened since the World Cup. The Championship is going to kick things up to a new level. With a few teams recently dropping out of Fortnite, even ditching some of the most famous players, they might be rethinking that decision with Epic’s new commitment to esports.

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