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Dungeon crawler and block slider Loot River is out now

Loot River is a tetrogueimo – that’s, a mashup of Tetris and Rogue, in my view. As a swordwielding pixel adventurer, you slash by proc gen dungeons through which the platform you are standing on can usually be slid round. This allows you to manipulate the hordes of monsters attempting to kill you. It is out now.

This is the launch trailer:

I’ve beforehand questioned aloud about what tactical penalties there are to with the ability to slide a platform about, and whether or not they’re fascinating sufficient to maintain a full sport. The trailer above suggests a solution: the tactical consequence is you could be a complete dick. It largely appears helpful for inflicting hordes of enemies to run this fashion then that as you slide away from them, untouchable. In different phrases, it appears to be like just like the “down low? too gradual” of hack ‘n’ slashers.

The opposite promoting level for me within the trailer above is the design of these bosses. I do not know if it’s going to be enjoyable to combat an enormous blue skeleton with a Swiss cheese head and 7 glowing eyes because it emerges from a chasm of pink ooze whereas using round on a type of sliding tile puzzles it might take you 30 seconds to resolve if you have been 4, however I am curious to search out out.

For those who’re curious too, or if you happen to simply wish to see extra of the sport’s pixel artwork with 3D lighting, you may head over to its Steam web page. With a ten% launch low cost, it is at present £18/$22.50/€22.50.

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