Dragon Ball FighterZ 2 – Everything we know about Potential Sequel

Dragon Ball FighterZ has had a life way beyond a normal tie-in game, it’s become one of the biggest fighting games and a lasting presence at major tournaments. With DLC looking like it’s winding down though, will there be a FighterZ 2? A sequel to the game has the potential to bring in more recent characters and transformations like you see in FighterZ mods, along with keeping a Dragon Ball title as one of the biggest esports games.

Dragon Ball FighterZ 2

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A potential sequel would expand on the current roster of FighterZ characters. It could also have more modes and single-player content. New transformations in particular could help to bring the roster up to date with newer Dragon Ball content. Now that we are quite a while out from the last DLC addition, the idea of a FighterZ 2 is much more relevant. This is what we know about FighterZ 2, if it’s coming, and when we could expect to hear if there will be a sequel.

Will there be a Dragon Ball FighterZ 2?

We don’t currently know if there will be a FighterZ 2, but there are some clues we can look at. The game has been very successful, especially compared to most Dragon Ball tie-ins recently. It has achieved a lasting success with DLC and tournaments that few games manage. This definitely makes a sequel viable. Dragon Ball tends to stick to a yearly release schedule so a game with such a good reception as FighterZ helps keep to the schedule.

There are some things working against a sequel though. Dragon Ball FighterZ 2 would be made by Arc System Works, a big developer in anime fighting games. However, they have a bit more of a busy schedule between all the different games they make. A sequel would have to fit into their development of all the other games.

The game has managed to be one of the best-selling fighting games, pushing way past Arc Systems other games. Given the sales, it would make sense for Bandai to want to turn the game into a running series as they do with a lot of more popular tie-in titles. Arc’s busy schedule could make finding time for another anime tie in makes it a bit more complicated though.

FighterZ 2 Release Date

A Dragon Ball FighterZ 2 release date isn’t known yet because we don’t know for certain if there will be a sequel to the game. If there is though, we can probably write off it coming in the next year or two. Dragon Ball’s next game will Budokai Tenkaichi 4. It’ll be a while before that game releases. A potential FighterZ 2 would likely have a wide berth away with that release to avoid overcrowding the schedule. This makes a release date anytime soon pretty unlikely.

That’s roughly what we know about Dragon Ball FighterZ 2. The game has been successful enough to warrant a sequel, but we’ll have to hold on and see if Bandai and Arc can get things together and create another instalment of the 2D fighter! With titles like Xenoverse and the original FighterZ still getting random drops of content, there’s clearly still enthusiasm for keeping the older series’ going.

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