Dr DisRespect remains Bullish on NFTs and Web3

Dr DisRespect is the cool Call of Duty streamer we have all grown to love since his emergence in the content creation world all the way back in 2010 for the shifty Machinima organisation. Who can forget those lot…

Whilst remaining a Call of Duty gamer at heart, Dr DisRespect has set his eyes on something a bit different. That different thing being NFTs and Web3 gaming!

Read on to find out more about Dr DisRespect’s relationship with Web3 and what recent news he has been tangled in.


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Dr DisRespect is no stranger to Web3

These recent headlines, whilst we will get into them, are actually not the first time he has shown the thumbs up for crypto discussion. Even back in 2022 he was in the middle of a partnership with the Polygon Network for his web3 games studio Midnight Society.

Partnering with Polygon allowed gamers “to construct a game publishing platform on the Polygon blockchain where players can trade their in-game items freely without incurring high transaction fees or negatively impacting the environment.”

NFTs were thrown into the mix here and are still being released with a new drop called “DEADROP SNAPSHOT V” expected March 17th!

Previously Midnight Society received some negative feedback from gaming and streaming fans due to it including NFTs in their upcoming projects.

In response Dr DisRespect exclaimed “It doesn’t change your experience of the game once it releases and it will continue to be free-to-play. You can’t buy your way to win,”

Dr DisRespect stands his ground for the Blockchain

Dr DisRespect has taken to the stand and let his feelings be heard on negative press received on NFT games. As we have discussed already DisRespect is a bullish fellow on all things crypto so the new headlines will come as no surprise to those reading at home.

According to the famous gaming streaming, NFTs will be “a new PvP experience” within gaming. NFTs are a new concept within gaming and offer full autonomous ownership of in-game assets, bringing value both in and out of the game’s ecosystem.

Dr has also taken to Twitter in a series of Tweets yet again defending web3 concepts from the negative press they are in the midst of receiving from gamers and entertainment fans.

He has called the haters “braindead” and that they are just headline followers.


@ Deadrop

One thing holding most gamers back from having a strong discussion on NFTs and Web3 is the amount of disinformation out there on the ideas.

If you were to look at the real drivers of the space such as Axie Infinity and The Sandbox to name a few, they will soon realise NFTs within gaming are not a scam and are an advancement.

Something gaming has needed for a while now especially as digital ownership and collectibles have grown ever so more popular within the real world.

Whilst it is okay to have a negative opinion on blockchain concepts, it is only right people at home do their own research passed the fairly biased mainstream takes you see.

Dr DisRespect has received some negative responses from his fans as a result of these Tweets. Many are still not convinced of his ventures into NFTs and also the bigger picture of web3 as a whole.

Some however are supporting the streaming. Let’s see how his Midnight Society project goes as talks last year from the firm indicated 2023 to be the breakthrough year for this new and upcoming gaming studio!

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