Dota 2 Powerhouses get overthrown by newcomers in DPC 2023

Team Secret, Fnatic and Nigma fans, move aside, there are new boys in town. Powerhouses are falling short this winter and may end up in Division 2 by month’s end.

Notably, Team Secret was the first runner-up at TI11, losing only to Tundra Esports’ cheap tricks in the grand finals. Fnatic didn’t do great, but still nobody expects them to be dead last this season.

Geek Slate Dota 2

Geek Slate figuring out how to flex on established powerhouses.

Team Secret goes the Nigma route

Team Secret, is currently at the bottom of the standings next to Nigma Galaxy having won a single series in this entire tour. It’s a tight spot for the powerhouse to be in. Considering they only replaced their carry player, Michał “Nisha” Jankowski for Miroslav “BOOM” Bičan.

Of course, while not intending to take away any credit from the WEU rivals, it seems that Secret needs to refine its formation before facing the top dogs. And, with only one series remaining against Nigma. Secret will have ample amount of time to reflect and calibrate their performance in the next Tour.

Nigma is still comprised of a roster that won TI7 and placed second at TI9 with four founding players. Yet, despite the numerous change in carry player over the past two Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) seasons, Nigma is still underwhelming. In fact, Nigma may spoil the play for Secret after their duel, and both teams get demoted to Division 2.

Deep down into the SEA

Over in Southeast Asia, BOOM Esports and Fnatic struggle to remain relevant. Many fans are calling out the seasoned teams’ lack of viable drafts, as both Fnatic and BOOM evidently lack the execution of a scalable late-game potential. Instead, they still rely on cliché metas that are easily countered by better delivery from their opponents.

While BOOM is trying its best to remain top six, they will still miss Lima Major, but could at least recuperate for the next major. Fnatic, currently in last place, could see themselves in Division 2 if they don’t win their remaining matches vs Talon Esports and Execration.

Newcomers’ debut at Lima Major 2023

With only a week left at DPC 2023 Division 1, the Major debut dream for many new DPC teams is becoming a reality. Execration, Geek Slate, and Blacklist International all have a fair chance at the three SEA slots. Meanwhile, Bleed Esports and Talon Esports are cutting it close to contest similar slots.

Meanwhile, the WEU region has familiar faces that fans anticipate to make their entry at Lima Major. Team Liquid with their new power-forward, Nisha has been impressive throughout Division 1 with zero losses. Their remaining matches vs OG and Entity will premier soon, but they are as good as qualified with such incredible results.

Tundra Esports managed to stay relevant as the defending TI Champion. While Gaimin Gladiators and OG could potentially secure a close call for WEU slots at Lima Major. Speaking of OG, Ammar “ATF” Al-Assaf who recently left OG for Nigma must be biting himself as his former team look well without him.

Which he can’t say the same for Nigma.

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