Diablo 4 developers reveal an unbelievably cute reward for beta players

Developers at Activision Blizzard have revealed some beta-exclusive Diablo 4 cosmetics for those who progress far enough during the early access period, including a wolf cub backpack that is frankly too adorable for such a gruesome game.

This was shown off during an update livestream in which the a short clip of the wolf backpack was shown off, with the baby animal snuggled away in a red blanket between your shoulders. Who on earth wouldn’t like the look of this?

You can watch the World of Sanctuary video here!

To unlock this cosmetic, you’ll have to reach level 20 during the beta later this month. That’s not all, of course: reaching level 20 will also provide the Early Voyager title, while pushing a little further and reaching Kyovashad will earn you the Initial Causality title.

As such, there’s plenty of reason to dive into Diablo 4’s beta if you’re able to. This update stream comes only a week following a video showcasing the creation of Sanctuary, and we’re seeing more and more official updates as we inch closer to that June 2 release date.

A date which reportedly is leading to crunch at the controversial developer, according to a report by the Washington Post. This same report claims the developers are unwilling to delay the game any further, leading to extensive overtime. As the one sorely sought-after game in Blizzard’s future, it’s safe to say they’ve betting a lot on this game’s success, maybe even the health of their staff.

Are you trying to jump into the Diablo 4 beta? Let us know below, as well as whether recent events at the gigantic studio has lessened your overall hype for the game.

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