CS:GO Mirage Callouts – Only the Best!

Compared to other maps in Counter-Strike, Mirage is a relatively new addition, first appearing with CS:GO’s release in 2012. It has since become the most-played map in-game, with players never struggling to find a match. Mirage has never been removed from the Active Duty map pool, being the only map to feature at every CS:GO Major to date. As a result, CS:GO Mirage callouts are extremely optimized, making them essential on the server.

We’ve put together a list of definitive CS:GO callouts for Mirage, that you can learn to help communicate perfectly with your team in competitive CS:GO matches.

CS:GO Mirage callouts

Mirage Callouts

When jumping into a Mirage game, it’s important to note the map’s popularity. Most people in-game might be more familiar with the map than you. If that’s the case, don’t worry. Use the map of CS:GO Mirage callouts below to call and push your team to victory.

CS:GO Mirage callouts

Mirage is one of the more complex maps, especially for hiding spots on each bomb site. It’s intimidating for new players, but you can catch up fast. You achieve this by playing the map consistently. Before you know it, responding to these callouts becomes natural as you hear them in-game. Remember – the best CS:GO players had to start somewhere.

Essential Mirage Callouts

As a beginner, it’s easier for you to focus on learning a few essential CS:GO Mirage callouts that you’ll use frequently. The rest comes later. Mirage’s key is plenty of hiding on CT side, with quick info needed for teammates. On T side, there are lots of clearing to be done on each site, or you’ll find some nasty surprises.

A Site:

CT side A Site can be tough to call, with various entry points. Your calls depend on your positioning. If you’re watching Ticket, you’ll want to call Palace, Ramp, and Tetris. If you’re sitting at Stairs, you’ll be calling Palace, however, you need to be aware of anyone sneaking from Connector. From Stairs, you should also keep an eye on Catwalk so you can call any possible B pushes from Middle. If Ts rush the site, try and get info on where they’ve tucked themselves away as it can be essential for a retake. This usually includes Fire Box, Sandwich, Tetris, and Ticket.

Approaching A Site as a T, there’s a lot to watch. Coming through Palace, you should clear Stairs and Jungle before heading onto Balcony, where you’ll want to clear Fire Box, Trash, Ticket, and CT Stairs. If you’re a Ramp player, you’re more restricted in what you can see. Here, you should clear Tetris, Sandwich, and Danger Box. Once you’ve called all of these areas as clear, you can plant the bomb.

B Site:

Your CT defense on B is quite straightforward. From Arches, you can hear players running into Kitchen to call for rotation if needed. As long as you have a good view of T Apartments, whether that’s from Window, Van, Arches, or Bench, calls here are easy to grasp.

T Side B is usually a fast play, so it can be tough to call quickly enough. But here, you just need to call a few key places where CTs will tuck away. Van and Bench are common, while lots of players hold Window to stop a T rush. Clear these and B Site is yours.

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