Crypto Gaming Rug Pull project gets new hope

In 2021 and 2022 the crypto gaming project “Wizards & Dragons” took to the stage as its plans were broadcasted to blockchain gamers. It received a lot of good press at first, as it was a classic 8-bit style game built on the blockchain.

Wizards and Dragons released in 2021 amidst the crypto gaming hype that saw projects reach all time highs in terms of prices and user engagement.

Read on to find out more about Wizards and Dragon Play To Earn games and what is to come. This project doesn’t seem to be going anywhere!

What is Wizard and Dragons?

Wizards and Dragons is an NFT game based off of a highly risky but rewarding NFT based game, “Wolf Game”.

The game’s NFTs are split into generations. The first 15k NFTs minted are Gen 0 and the remaining 45k of NFTs is known as Gen 1.

Initially the development team planned 3 stages of development:

  • Act 1. Distribution
  • Act 2. Player vs Player
  • Act 3. Jobs

Players play in these acts to earn $GP token which is then used to purchase NFTs and Runes in the game.

The main premise of the game is to stake NFTs and yield rewards. Much like Wolf Game. There is a 10% chance you lose your staked NFT and also a 10% chance you receive one.

This NFT game is being built via the Ethereum network, and is being dubbed as highly beginner friendly. Collectibles within the gamLOe have been made available on some popular marketplaces such as OpenSea and also Coinbase NFT.

Upon the game’s initial release there was a lot of hype amongst their fanbase. YouTube content was being released showing the earning potential of this game.

$600 a day was a common figure being mentioned, which is crazy to think as this could be someone’s weekly wage from working an actual job.

Before the decline, more than 40, 000 of the 60, 000 NFTs for this game had been minted by players. Their social media following had also looked promising as their Twitter following has reached well over 20, 000 followers along with a similar figure for their Discord group.

What went wrong for Wizards and Dragons?

Well like many crypto games we have seen in the past and present, the teams behind the projects get ahead of themselves.

They release a game after ramping up the social media marketing and hype and then somehow pull the plug on the project causing early investors to come worse off.

Wizards and Dragons was on OpenSea’s most traded NFTs list for some time when released. It has since stopped trading at such volumes.

As the all time high price for GP token reached around $0.15, it plummeted down to $0.009.

After the price of GP was slashed, the original website and whitepaper for Wizards and Dragons was taken down.

The public’s perception of this project has been swayed for some time now, but there could be light at the end of the tunnel.

There is still hope for Wizards and Dragons

Fans and investors will be happy to hear though that there is still a chance for a future of this game.

Despite the rocky past a development team has just recently taken over the project. They are called Krypto Sucks and seem to be an emerging team within Web3 that are passionate about its advancement and development.

Already they have gone to Twitter, keeping gamers updated what is to come. With talks of there being a new NFT collection dropping this year.

Hopefully we see some more advancements from Wizards and Dragons.

Do you think it will climb the OpenSea collection rankings again? Were you an early investor?

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