Can T1 go undefeated in week one?

The 2023 competitive season is here and this means that LCK Spring Split is back with some insane week one action for T1! Right off the bat, they will have a tough schedule to kickoff the split: can they manage to get the two wins? Let’s break it down.

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T1 has a hell of a schedule in week one of the LCK Spring Split

T1 vs Gen.G – instant banger

We just had one of the most sensational Worlds championship finals in 2022. Unfortunately, T1 didn’t manage to win their fourth title, dropping to DRX in game 5. Despite that, T1 proved that they were one of the strongest and most consistent teams throughout the year, and contrary to other LCK orgs, T1 made no changes to its roster.

Their 2023 debut match will be against their rivals Gen.G Esports, who have lost Ruler during the offseason. That being said, rookie ADC Peyz was promoted and as one of the best-performing academy players, he might be a rising star to watch out on.

Both ADCs and junglers are going to be the keys to victory in this series: Peanut should be quite comfortable in a meta with tanks and bruisers so the pressure will be on Oner. Gumayusi will have to keep up his Worlds form in order to prevail over Gen.G’s new bot lane.

It will be also interesting to see whether Faker will pull out his pocket pick Ryze now that it’s meta, and see how Chovy will respond to that: mid laners are going back to control mages which will make them a real threat during the teamfights.

While we haven’t seen the teams play, T1 should be slightly favored coming into this series. While Gen.G’s bot lane is strong, the general feeling is that they might not match T1’s bot lane for now.

Prediction: T1 60% | Gen.G 40%

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T1 vs KT – Interesting matchups

After the series against Gen.G, T1 has yet another tricky match versus KT Rolster. KT made major changes to its roster, bringing in some really strong individual players like Kiin and Lehends, as well as veteran Bdd. The Korean mid laner comes from a disastrous 2022 but knowing it’s a mage meta, he might be able to find some of his form back.

The main reason why KT is a tricky team for T1 is that KT has great potential but the stars have to align. Depending on how the team shows up, KT can go from being top contender to being a mid-bottom pack team. Kiin has always been a top-tier top laner and Lehends had a strong 2022 season, only behind Keria as the best support. Aiming also had a great finish to his season, almost carrying the team to playoffs.

In other words, there is the talent to do really well: T1 will have to be extremely careful. Luckily for them, facing Gen.G first will allow them to get some practice and experience, while KT will be on their first match of the new season. Considering that KT will be volatile, T1 should be able to go 2-0 at the start of the LCK Spring Split

Prediction: T1 65% | KT Rolster 35%

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