Brawl Stars Esports continues growth curve

The Brawl Stars World Finals 2022 concluded last month in Disneyland, Paris, with Japan’s Zeta Division coming in the first place. The event was a huge success with nearly 400,000 peak viewers (per Esports Charts) and a prize pool of $1 million on the line.

The viewership numbers were higher than what was observed in the Brawl Stars World Finals 2021 – making the mobile game by Supercell one of the few titles to actually grow its viewership over the past year. This is something which other games have struggled with as the world returned to normalcy after the COVID-19 pandemic when people were confined to their homes.

With this success, Supercell has given fans a hint of what to expect next year. Here’s what we know about Brawl Stars Esports in 2023.

Brawl Stars Championship

Brawl Stars esports to get even bigger next year

In a teaser post on Instagram, Supercell gave fans a teaser of the Brawl Stars Championship 2023 – indicating that the tournament will continue next year.

While the format will be similar to previous years’ with a Championship Challenge, Monthly Qualifier, and Monthly Final, new sub-regions have been introduced to the tournament. This includes Singapore and India in Southeast and South Asia. Other than that North America and South America have been further split up into the East and the West.

The Brawl Stars Championship 2023 will kick off on Feb. 3 with the Championship Challenge. This will be an in-game challenge which players have to complete to be eligible to form teams and compete in the monthly qualifier.

Additionally, the prize pool of the Brawl Stars World Finals has been increased. In 2022, Supercell contributed $500,000 to the prize pool which went up to $1 million through community funding. For 2023, the Finnish developer will contribute $750,000. Additionally, the prize money for the Monthly Finals has been increased as well.

Lastly, Supercell has committed to continue supporting grassroots-level tournaments as well. This will ensure that players have regular third-party events to hone their skills.

Some big changes to the World Finals 2023

The biggest change to the format of the Brawl Stars World Finals. In 2022, 18 teams competed in the event. Next year, however, only 12 teams will get the chance to fight for the title of world champions.

Eight teams will qualify directly from the BSC while four teams will come through the newly-introduced LCQ. In the LCQ, the runners-up from each region will battle for the last four spots in the World Finals.

Supercell has also increased the prize pool to $750,000. This means each team will get a larger share of the pie as well. The reduction in teams doesn’t come as a surprise.

This year, one major complaint from the community about Brawl Stars esports, was the single-elimination bracket format. This meant that some good teams got eliminated early without getting a second chance.

Supercell has listened to the community, though. It has confirmed that the Brawl Stars World Finals 2023 will feature a double-elimination bracket.

The organic growth of Brawl Stars esports over the past few years makes the future of the game look very optimistic. With Supercell continuing to invest in the game, it remains to be seen how far the game grows.

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