Blizzard kicks off the 2023 competitive season

Brawlhalla is a smaller fighting game, growing over the years since its release in 2017, and now a big part of the fighter ecosystem. It’s a Super Smash Bros styled game that’s developed a dedicated esports scene in its own right.

We’ve got some big tournaments on the horizon for the title in 2023. First though, we’re getting the Brawlhalla Galaxy Cup Blizzard.

Starting up over New Years and completing in early January, similar to Smash Bros’ Redemption Rumble, we’re getting a New Years event to round off the year. This is how it’s going to work, and why the latest Legend in the game isn’t going to be playable here.

Galaxy Cup Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla Galaxy Cup: Blizzard

The Brawlhalla Galaxy Cup Blizzard is going to be an early event for the fighting game over 2022’s end and 2023. We’re going to see four different events, both in Europe and North America. Players will be able to compete in both typical formats for competitive Brawlhalla.

The event is going to have a prize pool of $400, which is split up between the tournaments. $100 is going to each event, with a payout for the top 4 in 1V1 and 3 for 2V2. It’s being funded by Blue Mammoth Games, the developer of Brawlhalla. While it’s not a full part of the 2023 esports season like the regular season and World Championship, this does give it a semi-official standing.

These are the times when you can catch the tournament.

  • Europe 2v2 – December 29 7 PM CET (Fozey & Pavelski won)
  • North America 2V2 – January 1, 5 PM EST (Rescheduled from December 30)
  • Europe 1V1 – January 5, 7 PM CET
  • North America 1V1 – January 6, 5 PM EST

Each of these tournaments are going to be played on stream! Fans can tune in and see how the Brawlhalla Galaxy Cup Blizzard is developing on Spaceatronix’s stream for the Top 8.

Brawlhalla 2023 Esports and Newest Legend

Brawlhalla is still under development and has begun to grow quite a bit. The latest Legend is going to be banned at this Brawlhalla Galaxy Cup Blizzard though. The character has previously shown up in tournaments, including performing strongly at the Frosted Brawls.

Tezca is staying banned in this tournament for now at least. Organizers have said the Legend won’t be allowed until there’s a change to the balance in the game, it’s not going to be a permanent move for the game’s competitive though.

Developers have declared the character competitive legally in their own tournaments. Starting with the community tournament weekend they’re hosting on January 14th. Tezca will be legal to play in the upcoming 2023 season. Hopefully, a balance update is pushed before then, as players have had some complaints about the character and how they’ll play out for esports. They might end up being OP in the Brawhalla ranking.

The official Brawlhalla 2023 Season is kicking off in early January. The Brawlhalla Galaxy Cup Blizzard is going to be a sneak peek at how everything is going to run when we get there though. It’s worth tuning in to see how the players stand at the end of the year.

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