BLAST CS:GO Premier Spring Groups: What To Expect

BLAST CS:GO competitions are headliners of the CS:GO calendar, with 2023 kicking off with the BLAST Premier Spring Groups. A new season means that teams will look to stamp their authority on the server early, preparing themselves for the busy year ahead. Here’s what we can expect from the latest BLAST Premier CS:GO competition.


G2 was victorious at the most recent BLAST Premier CS:GO tournament.

The Young Guns

Seeing exciting talents break into the Tier 1 is always one of the best elements of CS:GO esports, and this season many of the top teams have placed their faith in unproven youth. The most significant roster change is NAVI, with 17-year-old NAVI Junior rifler npl stepping up for one of the biggest teams on the planet. He made a few appearances for NAVI at the tail-end of 2022, although he struggled as he rotated alongside sdy. It’s an enormous show of faith in the youngster, one that could see NAVI underperform again after an underwhelming 2022.

Eyes will also be on Astralis, as they hope the signature of 19-year-old Buzz from MASONIC will be enough to solve their rifler issue after k0nfig was released in late 2022. The move came as a surprise, though it could prove an inspired solution if he delivers at the BLAST Premier Spring Groups. With dev1ce back in that AWP role, Astralis need a solid showing to show that they’re finally back.

Finally, there’s headtr1ck, one of the most exciting upcoming talents making their debut at the latest BLAST CS:GO event. The latest AWPer to come from the NAVI Junior conveyor belt, headtr1ck replaces es3tag at Ninjas In Pyjamas. He’ll be hoping to follow m0nesy’s 2022, with a rookie year that places him firmly amongst the game’s elite. It would be a coup from the Ninjas if he could. And the way others pros are talking about headtr1ck, he might just do it.

Sleeping Giants Awaken

It would feel harsh to call FaZe sleeping giants, after their domination of the scene in early 2022. But over the past two years, they and NAVI have been the best CS:GO teams in the world, between them winning most of what the game has to afford them. The two teams have struggled of late, and need a statement tournament performance to remind the world of their quality. We think 2023’s first BLAST CS:GO tournament is where they’ll do just that.

It won’t be easy for either of them. In their absence, challengers have emerged. G2 look rejuvenated under IGL HooXi, and cadiaN’s Heroic project looks to be coming together. FaZe’s inconsistency remains a question, and NAVI is constantly dealing with the ramifications of the Ukraine war. But these two teams have the experience of going all the way multiple times in the past, and it’s why we can never count them out of achieving it once again. That experience of making it over the finish line is completely invaluable at this level of CS:GO.

As well as the Spring Groups, BLAST will present its first Major in 2023, with Paris playing host in May. There, the best CS:GO players on the planet will look to immortalize themselves in esports history. The long journey to Paris begins in Copenhagen, with the BLAST Premier Spring Groups from January 19th.

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