Best supports to play with Tristana in LoL

If you’re wondering which supports work best with Tristana, here are the five champions you should be playing with her this season.

best tristana supports

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The best supports to play with Tristana in LoL

Tristana is one of the oldest champions in the entire game. Released in the alpha version of LoL, the Yordle Gunner is an iconic champion in the bottom lane. She was a popular champion in the first era of competitive League, with world-class ADC players like Rekkles carrying their own teams to victory.

Her kit has remained pretty much the same throughout the years, making her an easy-friendly champion to pick up and learn. Having said that, Tristana needs great partners in the bottom lane to destroy the enemies.

If you’re not sure which champions you should be playing with her, we have compiled a full list of champions that are guaranteed to work with Tristana, explaining the key strengths and weaknesses of these bot lane duos.

Nautilus – the no. 1 support for Tristana

Tristana is the type of champion that wants to quickly burst down the targets in the early game. If she gets enough time to auto attack and increase the stacks, she will make the enemies go kaboom without any way to retaliate. To do so, she needs a support that can help her lock down enemies and not allow them to get away.

best supports tristana nautilus

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Nautilus is the best when it comes to doing this. He offers so much crowd control on single targets that it’s almost impossible for anyone to get away from him. Tristana has plenty of time to use her entire combo, get the kill and a sweet reset.

That being said, this bot lane duo suffers from long-range poke, and it needs Nautilus to be on point with his hooks, which is not always the case. Regardless, this is the most intuitive and effective bot lane to play.

Thresh – The versatile support

Thresh has always been one of the best supports to play with Tristana. Now that he received in Patch 13.3, the bot lane pairing is even stronger.

Similar to Nautilus, he offers a good amount of crowd control. Maybe not as much hard-engage, but he trades that with an additional disengage tool thanks to his lantern. If Tristana mispositions heavily, he can save her with this ability.

That said, this bot lane requires even more coordination than the one with Nautilus, and Thresh must be played to full proficiency to make the duo work well.

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Blitzcrank – The best at punishing mispositioning

Speaking of mispositioning, Blitzcrank is probably the best support in the game at punishing it. His hooks can be game-changing, and he makes a great pairing with Tristana. Blitzcrank can lock down a hooked target for her, without the need for her to jump in. This allows her to save the jump and use it to get away from danger.

best supports tristana

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A great Blitzcrank player can spoon-feed Tristana with kills, more than Nautilus and Thresh. That said, he’s highly reliant on the Rocket Grab, which requires great game sense and good mechanics.

Leona – One of the best all-in supports for Tristana

Leona is yet another champion that follows the same philosophy as other supports in this list. She has a reliable engage, and great lockdown potential.

Leona fits better in most team comps she is not dependent on hooks or grabs and she can tank for much longer thanks to her W. The main trade-off is that her engage range is smaller, especially if her ultimate is not ready.

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Zyra – the atypical support pairing

We had a complete list of engage supports, but Zyra is actually one of the few mage supports that work really well with Tristana. This is mainly thanks to her root and great crowd control chains. On top of that, she deals absurd damage, greater than any other champion on this list. As long as she land those abilities, the two champions have more-than-enough damage to take down any enemy bot laner.

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While the bot lane duo loses a bit of synergy later into the game when the map opens up, the two will compensate for that loss with more burst damage. Zyra, in particular, will bring so much damage that the enemies will blow up if they get hit.

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