Best supports to play with Jinx in League

If you’re wondering which supports work best with Jinx, here are the five champions you should be playing with her this season.

best jinx supports

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The best supports to play with Jinx in LoL

Whether you play League or not, you probably know who Jinx is. One of the main characters from the Netflix series Arcane, Jinx has always been a popular champion in the game. Her friendly kit and exciting gameplay make Jinx a perfect starter champion, while still offering great satisfaction when increasing her proficiency.

After the recent buffs in Patch 13.5, she is now a top-tier ADC, suitable for all types of elo. That being said, Jinx only shines when paired with specific supports, which are able to empower or synergize with her. 

If you’re not sure which champions you should be playing with Jinx, we have compiled the most optimal list of supports that are 100% guaranteed to work with her. We will be also looking at the key strengths and weaknesses of these bot lane duos, so you know exactly the reasons why they are so powerful as duos.

Thresh – the no. 1 support for Jinx

Jinx and Thresh are known as powerful duos in professional play so it’s not a surprise to have them as the strongest pairing in this list. 

The best thing about Jinx-Thresh lies in their ability to concatenate the spells and crowd controls. Whether it’s Thresh’s hook, Flay (E), or ultimate, the crowd control is long enough to allow Jinx to get some attacks in or launch and activate her own grenades (E).

thresh jinx

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On top of that, Thresh does a wonderful job in peeling Jinx in case she gets engaged thanks to the lantern, allowing her to reposition safely. Considering Jinx’s power in the late game as a hypercarry, being unable to shut her down makes it quite hard for the enemies to win fights.

If you want to climb soloQ, Thresh will always be the primary choice to play with Jinx. That said, it requires great proficiency and coordination when playing this pairing, so make sure to have the champions mastered.

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Lulu – The best enchanter support

There are times when playing an engage support doesn’t work out well with the team composition. When this situations occurs, grabbing an enchanter is going to be much better. Among all the enchanters in the game, Lulu is the best one for Jinx. 

This is because Lulu has great tools to protect her carry: she can constantly shield her with her E, and use Wild Growth (R) or her polymorph (W) to neutralize enemy threats that are trying to kill Jinx. Regardless of what she does with her spells, Lulu gives Jinx enough breathing room to start kiting the enemies, get those sweets resets, and take over the fights.

Their weak point is the early game, but unless against specific matchups, you will be fine for the majority of time.

Yuumi – The Lulu alternative

Given that Jinx and Lulu are popular together, there is a high chance the latter gets banned. In that case, it’s a great opportunity to pick up Yuumi and have her as the enchanter alternative.

jinx yuumi best support

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She basically offers most of the things Lulu has: in some aspects, she’s better, in others she’s worse. When it comes to shielding and healing, Yuumi has better numbers. That said, she loses out when it comes to neutralizing enemies’ engage. It’s a trade-off that you have to make by going with her, so it will be up to the rest of the team composition to have crowd controls to protect Jinx.

On top of that, Yuumi and Jinx are much weaker early game, especially against aggressive bot lanes. Since Yuumi will be on Jinx most of the time, the latter will be much more susceptible to ganks and potential engages.

Nautilus – One of the best engage supports

Just like Lulu, there are chances that Thresh gets banned away, especially in this meta since he’s one of the best supports in the game. At that point, the second-best choice for engaging supports is Nautilus.

He also has hooks and crowd control to lock down enemies for prolonged durations, but he doesn’t have the game-changing lantern that Thresh offers. That said, his engage is a lot more reliable thanks to his point-and-click ultimate, which makes it easier for Jinx to follow up with her auto attacks and abilities.

This bot lane is a little easier to learn compared to Thresh’s, but if you’re trying it out for the first time, there are high chances you will struggle to win trades or 2v2 skirmishes.

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Rakan – One of the most versatile and strongest supports for Jinx in the meta

To last support for this list is Rakan, who does offer similar levels of versatility to Thresh. He can both engage and peel using his ultimate or W to apply crowd controls. In addition to that, he’s one of the strongest supports in this meta, after the recent buffs the balance team gave him in Patch 13.3.

rakan lol

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While their laning phase is not exceptional, their setup for teamfights engages or ganks is quite strong. Rakan can easily jump on the enemies with his gap-closing ability, giving Jinx and the rest of the team to follow up. If you’re able to do that well and consistently, Jinx can get well-fed and proceed to carry the game alone. Having said that, if Jinx is getting caught, Rakan must be nearby in order to peel her, or else he won’t be able to dash toward her.

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